Google Tests New Mobile Local Finder

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 19, 2017

“Whenever someone is out and about they are bound to need to find a few shops and stores. This means using their phone to track down where they can find what they are looking for. Google can help with this process by using what is known as a mobile local finder. This is quite simply the newest technology that they have going which makes it possible to track down the businesses that one needs while on the go.

Google can always track down your current location by using the GPS system that comes in any smartphone. With this system they can figure out where you are in relation to the shops that you might want to visit. If you are looking for coffee for example, you might type in coffee into the Google Maps feature and it will pull up all of the coffee shops in that area.

All of this may not seem that impressive on the surface, but the company is testing newer and better technology which can make the experience of finding what you are looking for even better.

What many are touting about this change is that Google is now moving to a swipe right/swipe left model. They can show results to people based on what they are really looking for rather than trying to rank them based on what Google thinks is best naturally. A user can swipe from one place to the next based on the proximity to themselves rather than based on alphabetical listings or any other format. It just makes things a lot easier on the user and more productive towards finding the information that they need.

Increasingly, people are interested in knowing something about a business before they decide to spend money there. It just makes sense. With all of the resources that we have at our disposal it would not make much sense to not at least check things out a little before making a purchase.

Google makes the process of exploring local businesses a lot easier. They even show reviews for each business as you scroll through them. This can help you better understand what you are getting into. Maybe a particular local company does not have strong reviews because people have tried them out and decided that they are not really that great. Wouldn’t you want to know this before you spent money there? That is what Google makes it possible to do.

You can see pictures of the inside of the stores that you are looking at right there on the map. This gives you some idea of the atmosphere of the places before you ever go into them. That may make it possible for you to get an idea of what you can expect when you go into the shop.

Obviously, business owners have to consider these changes coming to Google. It can have a big impact on their business in general. These are big changes, and they will certainly impact the way in which business is done.”