How Bing Local Search Works

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 09, 2014

All the major search engines including Bing have a function for conducting local searches. Utilizing SEO marketing techniques and local search capabilities are effective ways to attract new customers and gain more visibility for your local business. The search page is easy to navigate so you can find the type of business you’re looking for quickly.

To find a local listing for businesses in your area using Bing, you simply key in the type of business you’re looking for with the location. As an example, if you key in “bead shops Santa Fe,” what comes up on the Bing search page is a map showing the locations of each of the bead shops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Under the local results listings for bead shops, will be a numbered list of the shops.

The great thing about using Bing local is that when your business comes up in the local listings, they’re separate from the listings that appear further down the list. They provide a lot of detailed information about each business, and may include:

Business name
Phone numbers
Business hours
Products and services
Photo galleries
Website link

Bing local is one of the most effective ways to get your business listing in front of a lot of potential customers. To get your business listed in the local results, you’ll have to set up an account with the search engines. Although you could do it yourself, it’s highly recommended that you have a local SEO expert handle setting up an account.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tools to use to gain high rankings in the search engines. SEO is effective for websites, blogs, and even videos. Search engine optimizations that use proven marketing strategies can get you a page one ranking in the major search engines.

Recent statistics has proven that local search engine marketing tactics are working for area businesses, and are more effective than using local yellow pages. Each month in the United States approximately 16 billion online searches are conducted. The fact that one out of every five online searches is for a local product or service is further evidence that local search works. Local searches constitute more than 80 percent of all internet searches.

People use a variety of different search terms when they want to find the product or service in their geographic area. It’s important to know which keywords people are using when they’re searching for your business. A search engine marketing campaign will ensure you rank high on page one in the major search engines.

The process of local search works using these steps when a person is searching for a particular type of business.

1. An internet search is conducted using specific keywords.

2. When the listings for local businesses come up, the potential customer visits a company website. They may also read reviews from previous customers.

3. A customer’s satisfaction may determine whether they’ll order from the website or visit the business in person.

A lot of business owners aren’t familiar with Bing local search or how it works. If they are aware of local searches, they may try to set it up themselves. Implementing an SEO campaign can be very time consuming and equally frustrating, especially if you aren’t familiar with how SEO works. Being unfamiliar with SEO is why it’s so important to have a local SEO company create a business listing for you. An SEO service provider that understands how the process of targeted advertising using geographic locations works will be able to get your business ranked quickly.