How To Create A Winning Local SEO Strategy

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 25, 2014

When planning a local SEO strategy, you need to understand the various components that will give you high local rankings in search engines. When done the right way, local SEO will deliver and convert target customers who will visit your site. Local SEO also delivers more customers to your physical business location, leading to increased sales. So, how can you create a winning local SEO strategy?

Optimize Your Keywords for Local Search

Identify words and phrases that your local consumers key into search engines to get your services or products. Don’t just use any keywords, use those you are sure will result in conversion. Conversion in this case means a purchase from your online store, a phone call, or a visit to your physical location.

To optimize your keywords, try to use location-based keywords specific to your state, town, or neighborhood.

Once you identify these keywords, optimize the keywords for your site the proper way. Include the keywords in the title tag, the image description, Meta description and header tags. Adjust these elements for maximum ROI.

One challenge when it comes to using keywords comes with incorporating them naturally into your content. Make sure you use the keywords in a way that your visitors will understand instead of keyword stuffing for optimization. So, write for the visitor, but optimize for search engines.

Create Optimized Places Pages

Many customers are going to Places created by search engines to find businesses to work with. It would therefore be a good idea to list your business on Google+ and Bing Places for business. These listings, when done the right way, appear at the top of search engine results.

To make use of a listing, make sure you complete the full profile. Upload photos, videos and include all your business details. Include the business address and contact details as they appear on your business website’s contact page.

Allow Visitors to Post Reviews

There are various review sites on the internet that will willingly include a link to your home page or product page to allow users to post comments. Additionally, you can provide an option for users to leave reviews on your local site. Positive reviews from your customers play a major role in local SEO.

Reviews also act as fresh content for your local site. So, how can you get customers to leave a review on your site or products? Well, the best way is to create a weekly or monthly e-newsletter that you email to your customer. The newsletter needs to contain links to review pages.

When your customer reads the e-newsletter, they have an option to click on the link that redirects them to the review page. Encourage your visitors to leave a positive review so that you use it as fresh content.

Get Listed on Local Directories

Various directory sites offer space for you to list your site, or products and services. Research and find the popular local directories in your niche or locality and submit your information. Some of the notable sites include and Focus on these top sites instead of using services that are spam directories.

Make sure you list your business, the phone number, and the address of the business on all the directory listings. Make sure you provide information that is consistent across all the local directories that you submit your site to.

High Quality Link Building

Link building plays a big role in local SEO. Don’t purchase links. Instead, focus on high links that are genuine. Purchasing links for your local site put you at risk of getting banned or facing penalties.

You can build genuine links in various ways. For instance, the latest trends include incorporating infographics and user-engaging content into your local SEO plan. Using these results into social sharing.

In all these, remember that social engines love natural link building and will reward you accordingly.