How to Do Local SEO in 2016

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 04, 2016
The landscape for successful search engine optimization continues to change as the search engines get smarter. If you remember that the main focus of Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing is to service their audience, not yours, you will do much better in terms of online visibility. Local SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing to learn. Here are some of the best tips from the best companies to improve your local search engine optimization efforts.

Focus on the mobile environment.

Do you have a responsive website? If not, you need to get one immediately! There is no way around this; you are simply missing out on business if you do not have a site that is made specifically for the mobile environment. Once the fully responsive website is up, you now have a completely new platform to create an online presence from.

Mobile commerce will only increase in 2016 as it has in the previous half decade. As a matter of fact, mobile commerce may actually outpace desktop commerce for the first time in 2016.

The content that you create needs to be created primarily from a mobile mindset instead of from a desktop mindset. The mobile environment is the bottleneck. Phones and tablets hold much less content, and it is much easier to upgrade to a desktop from the mobile environment rather than the other way around, which actually is not possible in many cases.

People use their mobile devices to search for local business more than anything. 86 percent of people also look for a product on a mobile device before buying it, even if they are in the store with that product! This means that your local SEO efforts should also be focused on the mobile environment, not the desktop environment. If you are on a budget, you will get a much better return on the investment. Any choice that you have between a desktop upgrade and a mobile upgrade should lean towards the mobile environment, including search engine optimization investments.

Google Maps Integration

Although you may already be using Google Maps, there is even more integration that the application has to create for itself within mainstream society, believe it or not. In 2016, Google Maps will integrate itself into the mobile environment even more. People who are looking for local business will be able to find it much more easily. It will be integrated into Google Local and search listings.

The first action that you should take is to claim your business on the Google Maps platform. If you have not done this already, your competition may try to take your listing and make you pay for it. Do not put anything past your competition when it comes to moving past you in terms of visibility.

This listing will help you immediately in your search engine rankings. Of course Google will make a priority out of Google Maps listings, so be sure that this listing has up-to-date information and all of your contact information available. From this website, you can link all of your other websites for additional information about your company as well as ubiquity on the major search engines. However, be sure that you make this your primary focus especially if you are running a new business that has not yet been established on the Internet.