How to Double Your Sales with Local SEO?

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 24, 2017

A business owner is always looking for a way to increase sales. It is easy to wonder about ways to bring more visitors to your website. Local SEO is an effective method to help a business grow their sales. However, some businesses are not aware of the awesome benefits of effect local SEO. Here are four ways that local SEO can help to double your sales.

Increased Exposure to Your Business – Having a website that ranks well for local terms means higher rankings. It is the higher rankings that will increase your web traffic. A website that ranks well have more web traffic than one that does not. Every business owner knows that more eyes on a business can lead to more sales. A team of SEO professionals can create a website that ranks well for a variety of keywords. Ranking well for local keywords ensures that more local traffic is sent to your website and not those that belong to the competition.

Easy Access to Your Business – A business without a website rarely knows about how many potential clients they miss out on. In these times, most people will Google a business before reaching for a phone book. Having a phone number in a phone book is no longer enough to be easily accessible these days. Businesses with websites will easily show up when someone searches for your business. Recent numbers show that people are using search engines to find a business over other, more antiquated methods.

Helpful for Building E-Mail Lists – Some of the most successful businesses know the importance of e-mail lists. Have you ever visited a website and been asked for your e-mail address? It’s likely that the answer is yes, as this is how many companies create lists. Your business can have lists of your own but it is advisable you follow e-mail marketing rules. You don’t want to spam or massively email your list of clients. However, it is acceptable to offer value-based emails and then sneak in a sales pitch when the time is right. Sites can build e-mail lists that, in turn, can lead to major profit increases for your company. An e-mail list is like a having a roomful of potential buyers a push of a button away.

Engaging Content to Close Sales – If customers are looking at your website, they are likely to do business with you. Closing a potential lead can easily be done with engaging content. A call to action is a popular way that many marketers sell to website visitors. For instance, closing a post with something about contacting your business can be a great idea. In addition, featuring specific information like a phone number or address can help to close clients right away. In industries where a business is urgently needed, easy access to contact information is vital. A website that knows about local SEO will feature phone numbers, addresses, and other business information prominently.

In closing, there are many ways that local SEO can double the sales of your business. A website that increases its rankings will see an increase in web traffic. In turn, it is likely a percentage of these visitors will become new customers. Potential customers may want to search your business before contacting you. Having a professional website ensures that your business is right for a potential client. Creating value-based e-mail marketing plans can grow an e-mail list.

You’ll want to provide benefits to potential customers to ensure they give their e-mails out. Lastly, content that displays what makes your business special can close even the most hesitant client.