How to Enhance SEO with Local Google+ Page

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 27, 2016
Increasingly, SEO (search engine optimization) professionals have turned to social media to boost their local search engine rankings. And Google+ stands at the forefront of many marketers’ promotion plans. Using social counts as one of the easiest ways to improve your rankings for search terms. If you’d like to enhance your SEO with a local Google+ page but don’t know how to do it, here are some tips to get you started.

Personalize the Search for Better Results

Google gives priority in page rankings to blogs or business that post to their Google+ accounts, according to Search Engine Watch. Basically, this means that if you’re a local restaurant and you use keywords like “restaurants in [your city, state]” in your posts, anyone who follows you on Google+ will see your restaurant first when doing a general search for restaurants in your town.

But it goes beyond just what your followers will see. If you have people on your list who gave your post the magic Google G+1 (Google’s equivalent of liking a social post), then the people in their list of followers will also see it. That’s not all, though. The people who are in your extended reach will see your name first in a relevant local search even if they are not following you. Going back to the restaurant example, if the followers of your followers (did you catch that?) are searching for a new local restaurant, your result will come up before a lot of others will based upon the likes of your Google+ followers.

Taking Advantage of Your Current Customer Base

If you own a local business and have quite a customer base, you can build on the momentum that you set in-store. Many times local businesses will have a mailing list, which they encourage customers to join at the register as they check out. Why not add your Google+ account to this inquiry?

The reason for doing so is this: If these current customers agree to follow you on Google+, this extends the reach of your personal search, which in turn, extends the reach of your local search in general. (Based upon point number one in this post)

You’re going to see these people anyway. Getting them to follow you on Google+ is an easy way to get more social followers without making a major change in what you already do.

Additional Advantages

Posting links to a Google+ account may make the difference between being seen or not when it comes to ranking next to an expert. Search Engine Watch explains it is like this:

Person 1: Is on Google+, has lots of followers, shares content that is relevant to his or her niche, and posts often.

Person 2: Is also on Google+, has lots of followers, shares content that is relevant to his or her niche, and but DOESN’T post often.

Person 3: Is a known expert in the niche.

Person 3’s ranking probably won’t be much affected by posting on Google+ compared to the other two posters. However, the ranking of Person 2 could be adversely affected by it given the number of times he or she posts compared to Person 1. The difference is not so much the content itself, but the frequency of the posts.

Search Engine Watch does admit that its findings are speculation, based upon their own research, but the site has done enough comparative research about it for the theory to hold water.

If you’re trying to build your reputation on a local level, then posting frequently on Google+ with local-SEO-rich keywords and content could make all the difference. It’s the way to eventually establish yourself as a local expert.

Keep in mind, too, that search engine optimization on the local level is more than just adding the right keywords. Quick Sprout advises that you also put maps, phone numbers, and other local information on Google+ for extra search power on the local level.


Google+ can enhance the results of local searches in your niche. Whether you own a local restaurant or you offer local services like dental work or banking, Google+ can boost your rankings on the search engines.