How to Improve Your Local SEO for Bing

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 26, 2016
While many people will focus on Google search engine algorithms when developing a search engine optimization campaign for their business, there are good reasons why you may also want to create content tailored to Bing as well. Bing uses some of the same analytical measures that Google uses to generate results, but it also has some unique variances. While Google continues to be the top search engine, the Microsoft-based Bing and its affiliated search engine Yahoo are quickly gaining on Google thanks to changes with Firefox, Microsoft and others. Many want to know specifically how to improve local SEO for Bing, and there are a few steps that you can follow to generate better results.

Choose Thoughtful Keywords and Phrases
The first few steps associated with Bing SEO are similar to those used when creating Google content. For example, you will create thoughtful keywords and phrases that have a local context, and this may include phrases such as “dog kennel in Houston” or “florist in Detroit.” You may also choose variations on this that incorporate products and services offered by your company as well as suburban communities rather than the name of the major metropolitan area. For example, you may also choose “dog bathing in Katy” or “wedding flowers in Pontiac” as alternatives that may be less popular with competitors but that may also generate a considerable number of leads from your target audience. These are focused, refined search queries rather than broad queries.

Create a Wide Range of Content
Once you have your search engine optimization keywords and phrases prepared, you will then need to create content that effectively incorporates these phrases into it. This may include your static web content on your home page and secondary pages. It may also include blog posts that will be added to your website as well as off-site content, such as articles, that link back to your website. Keep in mind that Bing publishes its own SEO guidelines online, and you can read more about the extensive guidelines that are in place currently so that your content can be prepared accordingly.

Make Use of Bing’s Online Tools and Resources
In addition to reviewing the online guidelines that Bing publishes for SEO content, bear in mind that there are other tools and resources available for you to use. For example, there are Bing Webmaster Tools as well as a Bing SEO Analyzer that are available for you to use, and these can help you to enhance your SEO efforts. Microsoft also has created a Webmaster Toolkit that focuses in part on SEO, and it will also help you to create well-optimized content. You can use these tools and resources while creating the content or afterward before you post it online for the best results. These are only a few of the many tools and resources available, and you may spend time exploring them and learning more about how they work so that you can prepare more effective, focused content that will generate the results you desire.

Bing may not be the top search engine, but it is one that is increasingly being used by individuals in the United States and beyond. With its increasing presence and popularity, it is wise to begin developing content that effectively targets Bing as well as other popular search engines. You can begin the process in the same way you would begin developing content for Google, which includes selecting localized SEO keywords and phrases. However, take time to review the Bing guidelines and to learn how to use the Bing tools and resources online so that you generate effective content.