How to Leverage Content for Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 28, 2015

If you know anything about search engine optimization (SEO) or have been doing your research, then you probably already know that content is important when it comes to promoting your website on the big search engines. If you are trying to promote your website locally, however, you could be concerned that things will be different for you than for others who are promoting their websites online. Luckily, if you follow these simple tips, you can leverage content for local SEO and see real results.

Don’t Stuff it With Advertising

First and foremost, although you might be tempted to toot your own horn when writing your content, it’s best to avoid doing so. Adding a couple of plugs for your company and its products and services is smart, but you should also work to provide real, interesting and informative information for your readers. Search engines can tell the difference between highly promotional content and content that is actually useful for Web users. Plus, your readers might be offended and might go elsewhere if they feel as if you are just using them to try to sell something.

Use the Right Keywords

When choosing keywords to use in your content, make sure that you choose the right ones. Along with using a keyword research tool to find keywords that don’t have a lot of competition but that are being looked up frequently by Web users, you should also ensure that your keywords are well-targeted for your local area. For example, make sure that you use your city’s name or other local descriptor when coming up with keywords. Then, you won’t have to worry about competing with the entire Internet; instead, you’ll be promoting your content and website for people who are actually looking up local search terms. Along with making SEO a lot easier, this will also help you weed out customers who won’t be interested in your company due to distance and instead focus your efforts on people who live nearby or who will be traveling to your area soon.

Post Your Content in the Right Places

You have probably heard that creating a strong backlink profile is important if you want to do well with search engine optimization. However, you shouldn’t just post your content anywhere on the World Wide Web. Instead, look for local websites that might be interested in posting your content in exchange for a link to your website. If you post your content on local news sites, classified websites and other sites that are targeted for people in your community, you will be able to enjoy a strong backlink profile and natural links from people who are interested in these websites and the things that are going on in your community. Either way, you are sure to bring in plenty of traffic from people who are looking to do business in your community.

Also, consider using social media as a means of promoting your content. Nowadays, social media profiles and content are beginning to pop up in the search engine results, and you’ll be tied to local social media profiles and groups. Plus, those in your community who are active on social media will also be more likely to find your place of business naturally, so you can enjoy an even higher level of traffic from posting your content online.

Content is a necessity for any website or blog, especially if you want your local business to do well on the major search engines. Luckily, by following these tips and taking your time when creating your content, you can help boost your search engine rankings. In time, you might be surprised by the results that you can see just by posting the right content in the right places.