How to Master Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 27, 2018

How to Master Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is a powerful tool for those who know how to use it to their advantage.

What distinguishes local from ” global” SEO?

Global SEO, for our purposes, simply means broad targeting, as opposed to niche targeting. Here are some analogies: Global vs. niche SEO, world vs. national SEO, national vs regional SEO and regional vs target area SEO.

To tie this together, let’s use a practical example. “Joe’s Used Cars Emporium”

Let’s say that Joe from Joe’s Used Cars Emporium has contracted you to build him a web page. He’s paying you in the hope that his investment is going to bring him leads and sales to his business.

Now, Joe is a local business. He does business out of Springfield, Ohio. Most of his business is done locally. Typically, clients won’t drive more than an hour to get to his establishment.

What does this mean for us for our SEO strategy?


Successful SEO, in large part, arrives from the proper research and choice of keywords with the aim of achieving practical results.

Google has, for all intents and purposes, mastered targeted search globally. The reason you use google is quite simply that you know that they are going to match your searches with relevant and engaging content. If this weren’t the case, you would choose another search engine. This has remained unchanged today. So, to master local SEO, we must get into the “”mind” of Google.

The longer the search term we enter, the more targeted our results will be.

Example searches:

Brown Dogs
Big Brown Dogs
Big Cute Brown Dogs
Big Incredibly Cute Brown Dogs

As we see, the more detailed we get, the more targeted and niche our search will be.

This is the crux of it.

Getting back to Joe:

Used Cars
Used Cars in Ohio
Used Cars in Springfield Ohio

In the case of Joe, it is impractical for us to implement a broad search SEO strategy. This is true for 2 important reasons.

1. The term “”cars” and even “”used cars” is not practical because I can type “”used cars” in Google right now and find a dealership in California. “”Used Cars in Ohio” and the more targeted “”Used Cars in Springfield, Ohio” are going to be our starting points.

2. Competition. Broad targeted keywords like cars and used cars have incredible competition as global search terms. We’re talking worldwide competition. For us to get rankings on extremely broad search terms it would take a strategy that could take up to 10 years to bring to fruition.

This is NOT the case with the more targeted method. There exists less completion for targeted terms, and results can be achieved anywhere from 1 month to one year.

So, now we know where to start. “”Used Cars in Springfield, Ohio” is our longest, most targeted keyword phrase and is thus our starting point. Our more general phrase “”Used Cars in Ohio” is our second target.

And thus we will write content centered around those phrases.

Engaging Content

We must also write with the user in end-user in mind. In addition to implementing keywords into our writing, we must make sure the content is readable enough to keep users on the page. Why? Google knows how long users remain on the page. Do not forget this crucial aspect.