How your old content can help with Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 15, 2017

In an online marketing frontier that continues to become increasingly difficult to make an impact on without an established reputation, Local SEO is more vital than ever. In addition to taking note of the trends in worldwide content engagement, it’s even more important to lock down the factors that make your content as locally relevant as possible.

While making fresh localized content is important, don’t neglect the latent potential of your old content. The following are some of the ways that your old content can be used as some of the best resources for Local SEO success.

Examine your analytics and capitalize on the content that your local market has engaged with the most

Upon examining the ways that your content has been engaged with so far, you might find that certain types of content have been more favorably received by your local target market than others. When seeing what kinds of content have received the best results, you can simultaneously take two different approaches to capitalizing upon on it.

On one hand, you might take the old content and explore ways that it can be further promoted to your local demographic through promoted social media services. You might also want to take notes on the structure, topic, and publishing times of your best-received old content and use those facts to develop a better framework for both content creating and promotion in the future.

Not only will this expand the reach of your old content that has already been proven as effective for reaching your local audience, but it will also give you a better sense of how to optimize all of the content that follows.

Upgrade your old content with more localized power

If you find that your old content might have room to be upgraded with more Local SEO juice than it had before, then there’s no reason why it can’t be improved. Without necessarily duplicating all of your old content down to the letter, you can take the prompts of those posts and have them rewritten with updated information and more local relevance.

Repurpose your old content into newer and more dynamic forms

After you’ve examined your old content and figured out the right things to capitalize on for Local SEO, that knowledge doesn’t have to be exclusively used for new content. You can not only create fresh content with localized power but also repurpose your existing content to get even more value out of it than before.

It’s been shown that the dominant content form today is video media. Any blog articles that you have written in a list format can easily serve as the prompt for a short, informational video that might be received even better than it was in written form. Make sure to optimize those videos with the Local SEO techniques that you’ve learned, and you could more than triple then traffic you receive from content that technically already existed.

You might also be able to take any list-based articles that you’ve written and repurpose them into infographics or statistical charts. All of the percentages on infographics and charts can be repurposed as individual social media updates and fun fact emails, which can be perfectly targeted towards the local demographics of your choosing.


When there are so many different avenues of content for Internet users to give their attention, showing local relevance is easily one of the smartest strategies to employ. By taking advantage of what you’ve learned from the analytics of your old content, sharpening it, adding relevance, and repurposing it strategically, your Local SEO power can rocket to new heights.