Infographic: Best Local SEO Marketing Tools

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 06, 2015

It appears that the digital landscape nowadays is using infographics more and more, and for good reason. Simply put, there’s virtually no other medium or format that has the ability to convey important information as effectively and quickly as a well-developed infographic. Infographics have the power to draw people’s attention and get noticed.

Infographics have increasingly become an extremely popular method in order to convey data, statistics, and other helpful information. Infographics are far more than just a basic chart. They combine extensive knowledge with appealing visual design, which makes them the ideal format to both educate and entertain people.

Here are some key factors why you should use infographics as one of your primary SEO marketing tools.

1. Visually Interesting
Infographics are frequently used to present complicated numerical data that would otherwise be very tedious to understand if not illustrated in a visual manner. As a result, the visual-based nature of infographics can take that exact complex information and turn it into something interesting to view.

2. Information at a Glance
With all the information and data to sort through on the Internet today, readers really appreciate it when marketers get straight to the point. Because infographics are presented graphically, viewers can easily understand the information at a glance rather than reading a multi-page PDF report.

3. Highly Effective
A well-designed, quality infographic can easily express a certain personality or feeling in addition to making a point or telling a story that is clearly backed by statistics and facts.

4. Present Your Content in a New and Interesting Way
Marketers often recycle written text into infographic form, whereby they can reach a larger audience in a new and better way without literally duplicating any content.

How Your Audience can Benefit from Infographics

• Demonstrate Superiority and Benefits

Infographics serve as great tools for illustrating how your service or product can benefit your audience and also how what you’re offering is far better than your competitors. Also, an infographic can easily communicate key information, including benefits, statistics, facts, ROI, etc. in an interesting and visually-appealing manner with rich details that have the ability to create a more engaging message. In fact, even the most advanced concepts are easily communicated with the use of visuals that can illustrate, rather than inform, potential customers about your product or service.

• Problem Solvers

Want to explain something that’s typically hard to understand in the easiest way possible? Simply create an infographic to get your point across. A well-designed infographic is literally a step-by-step guide that enables your audience to quickly understand something that may otherwise be very difficult to communicate through words.

Other reasons why your business should consider creating infographics besides just using text and/or media.

• Infographics have a unique way of grabbing a viewer’s attention.

Although they’re still a fairly new tool for online marketers, infographics are proving to be very useful overall. You can easily brand them, thereby making your business much more identifiable to potential customers. Infographics are a great way to break up large blocks of monotonous text.

• Search Engines Love Infographics

While it’s true that images and media in general are effective for SEO, Google especially loves infographics. They can improve the credibility of your website by informing the search engines that you’re conveying solid information and not just line after line of automated text.

• Infographics are Relatively Inexpensive to Create

There are a number of sites online today that provide you the opportunity to simply upload your chosen images to one of their several available templates in order to create your very own infographic.

• Infographics Aren’t Just for the Internet

Besides serving as an effective online marketing tool, infographics are often used as trade show advertisements in order to tell people about businesses in a memorable and interesting way. There also used as direct mailing advertisements as well.

Overall, creating a visually-appealing infographic will readily help you illustrate your knowledge about a certain topic and also position you as a key expert in your niche.