Leveraging the Balance between SEO and Social Media Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 29, 2015

The digital age has introduced into the contemporary marketplace new forms of marketing and advertising that have made old strategies and tactics obsolete while empowering businesses with more cost-effective means for establishing and growing not only their brand recognition but profitability. In the past firms had to devote large budgets to getting the word out about their business and its goods and services. Today, though, a firm can invest a great deal less yet receive outsized returns.

Two of the primary means of attracting new customers to a business has been the application of social media marketing approaches and SEO applications. Industry experts and practitioners have debated which of the two approaches produces the most ROI and is most impactful for established and emerging businesses. Yet, this type of binary, zero-sum comparison fails the capture the importance of these means in growing a business. Moreover, these types of debates essentially become moot, as new technology and applications emerge constantly.

Thus, the real question is not which of the two forms is better but rather how can businesses leverage both optimally to maximize their marketing and sales goals. Discover below the impact both social media marketing and SEO strategies and tactics can potentially have for enhancing the prowess of your business.

The Impact of SEO

Maximizing search engine optimization into your firm’s website has the capacity significantly enhance the traffic volume to your site in terms of page views and visitors. By properly integrating SEO into your web page, you have the potential of having you company URL appear on the first page of search results with dominant engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google. In other words, SEO is an effective means for nurturing your brand recognition by targeting a digital audience that purchases the types of content, services or products that your company provides. By investing in the most pertinent keywords you select to promote, the greater the odds for you to generate traffic from consumers who are serious about engaging your brand.

Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, among a bevy of other platforms, have become intrinsic for firms seeking to harness the power of digital marketing. The chief value of the applications are their ability to reach billions of people while not having to invest a great deal of money. Social medial enables you to connect seamlessly with a bevy of consumer bases, providing you with instant feedback regarding new product and service lines and giving you heightened exposure compared to other traditional marketing approaches. Moreover, the viral capacity of social media enables you to build your brand integrity and awareness exponentially faster than other means.

Integrating SEO and Social Media for Outsized Gains

Synthesizing SEO and social media effectively can be a seamless process through developing a marketing approach that addresses specifically a targeted demographic of customers by optimizing your keywords and employed in the page titles of your website. By utilizing the appropriate headers and titles that are pertinent to the content you are publishing, when sharing information and media through social network platforms, your firm will be able to unlock the power of top search engines like Google.

Furthermore, the more often you update your social media sites, search engines will typically virtually store your firm’s URLs, thereby enhancing your SEO prowess in its entirety. Synchronizing SEO meta tags, page titles and keywords with the titles of your company’s digital updates as well as content has the capacity to significantly augment your traffic and exposure across the most impactful search engines on the web. In the end, establishing a strong balance between the integration of social media applications and SEO approaches serves as the pivot point for making an impact and distinguishing your brand from the competitions regardless of the industry you participate. Transformative Internet marketing results when a compelling synergy is formed between SEO and social media marketing to target a custom client base.