Link Build for Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 16, 2016

One of the major priorities for your website should be link building for your local search engine optimization efforts. Of course every Internet business owner wants to have a global online presence. However, you must begin by excelling in your local area. You will then receive the proper organic push from the major search engines without having to resort to expensive, underhanded techniques. Here are a few most successful strategies that you can implement today in order to properly link build for your local searches optimization program.

Authoritative Domains

The secret to links is not quantity – it is quality. The way to create authoritative links is to have those links come from domains that the search engines trust. Local publications and newspapers will always have some of the most authoritative domains. If you can get press from them, it is quite natural that they will link to your website as a part of the deal. Make sure that you get this included in the package if you are soliciting local coverage for your business.

Relationship Building in the Local Area

Building a reputation in the local area offline is a great way to build a reputation online. Google and the other major search engines do look at local blogs, message boards and forums for comments and links. As a matter of fact, some of these links will actually carry more link juice than other types of links! You can only get these kinds of links from forming real local relationships with the people around you. Invest in PR events that are sure to bring local kingmakers. Give away promotional items. Make personal, in person relationships. These will organically begin to turn into online relationships that the major search engines will pick up on.

Localize Tags on Your Website.

Tags are one of the most important aspects of your online code. Aside from organizing your code with schema, you can also gain an immediate boost that will serve you in the long term with header tags that have localized content.

You may be able to localize your tags with little more than a city or municipality name in your titles and headers. However, you may have to compete more if there are other companies in your industry around the local area. Experiment with different local keywords for different pages in your website. Take note as to the best performers. Eliminate the bad performers from your list. Narrow down your list and use the keywords that are most relevant and give you the best results over time.

Featuring Your Community

You want one way links to your content. The question is how to give other people in your community light without giving them a direct link – and there is a way. Creating articles about another community entity without necessarily providing links is a great way to get those people to look at you. You may also be able to create link heavy articles on a separate blog site without losing the one way advantage. Let people know that you have a site to feature community events and non profit organizations. They will eventually return the favor with links to your site.

Travel Guides

Creating a local travel guide is one of the best ways to hide your intent and provide something relevant to a local community. You can also include your business without the inclusion seeming like a hard sell. These pages are also much more likely to become an authoritative domain over time.