Local Marketing – SEO Whitepaper

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 26, 2016

Local Marketing – How Important Is It?
Marketing experts know that business needs a base. Even with the volume of online marketing, each business must determine the specific needs. This is why so many online businesses ads include the base location. To some business owners, providing business location might seem unnecessary given the vast scope of the internet. However, local marketing uses the same features to attract business in cyber space. SEO can be a valuable tool to build local business.

The Growth of Local Marketing and SEO
Entrepreneur Magazine reported on May 20, 2016 that “Companies will spend $65 billion on SEO. This shows the extent of value local business owners can expect from SEO in their local marketing strategies. Business owners need to study the prospective of how to utilize SEO to best advantage for local marketing and in digital marketing strategies.
Ref: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/275720.

Attract a Bigger Marketing Pipeline with SEO
Savvy business owners take no chances with implementing their marketing strategies. For them, it is a matter of keeping an eye on their business budgets and also deriving maximum benefits from marketing tools. Map out the types of marketing tools that meet the needs of the business, products and/or services. Create proactive strategies like local SEO content in business websites and blogs.

Study existing local customers and website and business blog users. These are clues to customer motivation that expedites marketing strategies and attract a bigger marketing pipeline. Social media is deeply embedded with SEO use. It makes sense for all local businesses to utilize Google Adwords and local online advertising to extend the reach of marketing. It is important to learn local online advertising terms. One good source for learning the terminology is a Glossary of Local Online Advertising terms found in the book by Stephanie Brown and Court Cunningham entitled, Local Online Advertising for Dummies. There is an online “cheat sheet” provided at http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/local-online-advertising-for-dummies-cheat-sheet.html.

Expert Resources Before Investing in Local Marketing
Business owners obtain optimal benefits by taking the time to study the suggestions of local marketing advertising experts. Some of these experts publish helpful tips in Huffington Post, Twitter and Forbes. Before investing in a SEO local advertising marketing consultant, be sure to check their business reputation, their top clients and also their success rate for local businesses.

It is also possible to study the top online businesses that enjoy fast turnaround time with sales. Learn their marketing skills and apply them to local marketing. For example, there are several major online shopping networks with great success rates. Study the presentation of goods and services and apply them to a local market. For many business owners, content creation in blogs and websites is crucial to attracting new customers. Use local SEO tools that attract rapid responses. This may be the name of the town or the local business location. Once the buying habits of local customers are determined, it is easier to choose a local SEO expert who will suggest the best types of social media and local SEO advertising terminology.

Local Marketing in SEO Words and Actions
While the use of local SEO is a great advantage to businesses, create a seamless fit between the SEO track, from online content to offline advertising. Note what has worked successfully in offline advertising locally. Link this to online website and blog content. Remember, local marketing makes local businesses part of a specialized community of buyers. New interactive, SEO-driven, local marketing blogs or websites benefit greatly from a well publicized announcement. Follow this with an interactive blog that retains local public interest and creates your business “community.”