Local Search Engine Optimization
Company Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 29, 2012

A lot of different factors go into making a successful local SEO campaign, and the ranking methodology we use to score and rank local SEO providers takes that into consideration. To create our list of the Top 50 Local SEO Companies in the US, we factor in:

  • SEO Company Keyword Rankings: How well does the SEO company rank for the keywords it targets for its own website? That’s important because it indicates how effectively the firm will be at targeting keywords in your Local SEO campaign.
  • On-page SEO Score: How good is the Local SEO provider’s own website in terms of on-page SEO? They may not need to outrank local competitors like you do, but on-page quality says a lot about the quality of the SEO, content and web design methods they use.
  • Quality of Backlinks: How good are the Local SEO company’s backlinks? If they look suspicious or not quite legitimate, chances are they’ll use the same shady tactics on your Local SEO campaign. That’s why we test all the Local SEO providers we evaluate for quality backlinks.
  • Client List Quality: Who has already trusted each company to improve their Local SEO results? Client quality says a lot about an SEO firm, and big names are an encouraging sign.
  • Local SEO Company Ratings: We don’t just rely on our own metrics and all the research we do in-house — we also take into account the Local SEO firm rankings provided by three other SEO company rating services that may use slightly different criteria or weighting. That gives us a broad range of insight into each company’s performance and reputation.
  • Mentions in the Media: If an SEO company gets a lot of quality media attention, they’re obviously doing something right! Frequent quotes in media outlets mean the Local SEO provider has the status of an industry authority and is more trustworthy.
  • Mystery Shopping Results: This step is as simple as making a phone call to find out more about the Local SEO company’s services, pricing, and perhaps most importantly, how customer-centered and attentive their representatives are.
  • Involvement with the SEO Community: One of the hallmarks of being an industry leader is sharing your expertise and knowledge with others — and that goes for Local SEO professionals too. So we look at each company’s blog, speaking engagements, guest posts on other blogs and the like to see how freely they share their knowledge and talent.


We use all the above data points to put together our own proprietary scoring system to rank the best Local SEO companies. We don’t make our exact scoring methods public, so these data points can’t be manipulated for a higher ranking in our list — but we do know that any Local SEO company worth hiring will have high scores in all these areas.