Local Search for Dentists and How It Can Grow Your Practice

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 15, 2014

In a field where competition is growing increasingly more fierce by the day, all types of businesses need to figure out strategies for bringing their own company to the forefront. The field of dentist is not exempt from this rule, and oral hygienists across the country are working to find the best practices for reaching out to people in the community and getting them to choose their practices. Local search engine optimization is a major step that dentists can take to ensure that this process occurs.

Understanding Local Search Engine Optimization
Most companies and businesses realize that they need to use search engine optimization techniques to get customers to visit their sites, but they might not fully understand or realize what local search engine optimization is. Certain businesses really need to generate the bulk, or all of, their traffic from from the local area. For example, a dentist in California is not going to draw patients from Kentucky. Therefore, dental practices must use practices that will help to reach out to individuals in their local area.

How Dentists Target Consumers in the Area
The field of dentistry is one that significantly benefits from local search engine optimization techniques as explained earlier. Therefore, dentists can really target individuals who are in-need of their services in the area. In the content of the website itself, dentists can work to integrate the city and state in which they are located, and perhaps even the sub-section of the city. On top of that, they should be sure to include keywords that relate to their specific field of dentistry. For example, “orthodontist in Orlando, Florida” is much more specific than “dentist on the East Coast.”

The Components of Local Search Engine Optimization
People who are familiar with the practices of local search engine optimization might think that the copy on the content of the page are the only elements that matter. However, that is not the case. When dentists want to use local search engine optimization strategies, they also must work to get their information into local listings. If individuals are not going to see the listing when they go to a page with information about the community, then they are unlikely to find it anywhere at all. This is particularly true if the community has a lot of dentists. Reviews and recommendations are two other components of this process.

Reviews from Local Clients
Individuals who are looking for a dentist do not only want to see that the dentist has strong copy on the website, but they also want to know that other individuals have had successful interactions with the dentist. Writing fraudulent reviews or paying people for reviews is a terrible thing to do, and dentists must avoid these practices. However, they can let website visitors know about their reviews by posting them on their website or buy letting customers know that such reviews do exist. Dentists want to showcase the real reviews that they have, not make up fake ones that detract from their business.

Building Connections
It’s true that some dentists in communities are in competition with one another. They may offer the exact same services as each other, but that is not always the case. Some dentists have a specialization; therefore, they can work to build reciprocal relationships with each other. For example, the dentist that a middle-aged woman goes to might recommend a pediatric dentist for her children or an orthodontist in the event that someone in the family is in-need of braces. Starting a link-building campaign with reciprocal businesses in the area is a form of search engine optimization.

When it comes to a local business, such as a dentist practice, individuals do not want to take chances with the type of advertising strategies that they use. Instead, they should start to dabble in the field of search engine optimization with a local intent for the best possible results.