Local Search for Restaurants and How It Can Get More Customers

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 22, 2014

Owning a restaurant means that you have the opportunity to please the palates of so many people in your neighborhood and that you can engage in a job that you have, perhaps, only dreamed of for so many years. However, as the years go on, you’re starting to notice that you should probably infuse a few more marketing strategies into your overall plan. By taking this step toward local SEO, you can drive more customers to your restaurants than ever before.

What is SEO
Acquainting yourself with basic SEO is extremely important, whether or not you ultimately decide to implement these techniques with a local intent. Search engine optimization refers to the field of practices that help businesses to match with their target audiences. A variety of techniques exist. For example, many companies use various keywords and phrases to connect with potential clients. They know what words a person looking for such a business might type into a search engine, and, therefore, they are able to bring these words and phrases into their site.

Local SEO: A Branch of General SEO
Now, you can get into local search engine optimization. Instead of simply using keywords that relate to the product or service as a whole, businesses who implement the strategies of local SEO also look to the ways in which the local communities use the service, and they integrate keywords that relate to the area. For example, if a restaurant is located in Midtown in Manhattan, then the keywords are going to relate to that element. The keywords will attract people who are searching for restaurants in that particular area, which is a major reason why restaurants are good candidates for these practices.

Why Local SEO Makes Sense for Restaurants
Simply thinking about the people who usually go to restaurants will help you to see why local search engine optimization is particularly important for entities in the restaurant business. Generally, the people who go to restaurants are individuals who are living in the area. A person from North Carolina is unlikely to want to see search results for restaurants in New Jersey, unless the individual is traveling to that location. In such a case, SEO still works because they are searching for a restaurant in a specific area. When people type restaurant names into the search engines, they are usually looking for them in a specific spot.

That Family-Friendly Approach
While not all restaurants are looking for a small-town feel, many of them are. Even restaurants that are located in big cities often have owners who want to make customers feel as though they are dining at a place where everyone knows who they are. Local SEO allows businesses to infuse that vibe into their website copy. Instead of sounding like a restaurant that does not know one customer from the next, the eatery can help to leave a lasting impression on the minds of current consumers and potential diners.

Popularity of All Things Local
Right now, we are at a point in history when people are generally interested in things that are produced locally. Not only are you going to be working to infuse a family-friendly or local approach into the content, but you can let individuals know how you work with the area to ensure that your foods are also keeping up with those local goals. For example, if you use fruits and vegetables from a local farm in your dishes, let customers know that. Consider including the name of the farm or the source of the food that you use. A farm-to-table approach is becoming quite popular now.

Using search engine optimization is very important when you want to strengthen your business, and local search engine optimization is even more crucial in certain fields. When it comes to restaurants, you definitely want to work on attracting the attention of individuals who are living and working in the area.