Local Search Traffic is Important for a Small Business

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 24, 2014

Although there are a variety of personally and professionally rewarding things that an individual can do in life, pursuing one’s entrepreneurial dreams can be particularly effective in generating a sense of satisfaction. If you have started a small business and want to ensure that you can maximize profits with it, remember that internet marketing is an incredibly effective way to realize this goal. Moreover, you should keep in mind that garnering local search traffic can be uniquely helpful in enabling you to boost conversion rates. With that thought in mind, consider implementing the following four strategies to boost your local search traffic:

1. Barnacle SEO.

As Dario Zadro notes in his important piece “The Return of “Barnacle SEO” and Why It’s Perfect for Small Businesses,” “Barnacle SEO is the process of attaching your website to a larger site, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google+, then using that site as a vehicle to get you noticed in the search results.” Barnacle SEO is a proven local search engine strategy that can be effective in helping you achieve higher search engine results page rankings, so don’t forget to have your website listed with one of the aforementioned domains.

2. Brand, Brand, Brand-And Then Keep Branding!

Although defined broadly, branding is basically a marketing strategy that involves using distinct words and icons to create a clear, consistent image for a business’s goods and services. Branding is effective for numerous reasons, including the fact that it creates a unique image for one’s goods and products in the minds of prospective clients, thereby increasing familiarity and increasing the likelihood of conversion. In short, branding can make your products more popular and visible, including in the online world. Since your ability to attract local search traffic is important (especially when you’re attempting to build a small business), be sure to regularly engage in sound branding strategies to increase the likelihood that your page attains page one ranking in the search engine results pages.

3. Optimize For Mobile Users.

As made plain by infographics demonstrating the way people conduct local searches, the use of mobile devices to conduct these searches is on the rise. With this idea in mind, small business owners who want to maximize their opportunity to build wealth should note that they can do so by optimizing their websites for mobile users. When mobile users can access websites that contain the same level of functionality and aesthetic appeal they would’ve witnessed upon accessing your page via a traditional device like a PC, they will be more likely to stay on your site, thereby increasing your conversion rates.

4. Use Professional Services.

One of the reasons that large companies tend to perform better in terms of page ranking in search engine results is that they can afford to invest in professional SEO services. And while making room in one’s budget for professional SEO services can be challenging for a small business, it’s almost always a sure-fire way to increase your visibility and conversion rates in the online world. Since this is the case, you should take the time to access and utilize cost-effective local search services so that your small business can attain the perpetual growth you desire. In order to access information regarding a plethora of distinct local SEO companies, visit our top 50 local SEO company list today.


If you’re serious about ensuring that your small business undergoes steady growth while developing a base of loyal customers, you should know that increasing your local search traffic can play an integral role in helping you accomplish this objective. To begin witnessing an increase in your local search traffic today, consider implementing some or all of the local search engine optimization techniques outlined above. Good luck!