Local SEO and Content Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 27, 2015

For as long as businesses have existed, people have enjoyed building bonds with their local business owners. These bonds have often started as seller-buyer relationships, and they’ve bolstered into friendships. Even in a world that is dominated by businesses on the internet, companies can still benefit from integrating local SEO approaches, particularly through content marketing.

The Heart of Content Marketing
As the name implies, content marketing is the use of content to support advertising campaigns. Many pieces of content are written displays. Websites hire writers to craft blog posts and articles that connect to topics related to their products and services. However, content in 2015 can also incorporate a strong visual element. Businesses may post pictures on their social media websites or upload videos to YouTube channels to promote their company.

The Need to Produce Fresh Content
When people visit the website of a large business with branches in multiple cities or countries, they do not necessarily feel the same connection as they do with smaller businesses. When they visit a small business website, they want to feel as though they are having a conversation with the owners. That hope is stifled, however, when the content on a particular website is old and stale. As a result, you need to ensure that your content marketing campaigns are updated. Often, that means regular posts or blog entries.

Updates to Visual Marketing Efforts
Not only do you need to maintain your written marketing material, but you also must focus on visual marketing efforts. These marketing materials need to reflect the most current information about your company, and they also need to employ strong technological techniques. For example, if you are promoting your company through a video that looks as though it was produced 20 years ago, then potential customers might question the relevance of your company. They may see your company as not up-to-date on the latest methods of product production either.

Invitation to Local Content Producers
People want to feel as though they are part of a community, and that is a reason why they love to shop at local businesses. When you ask for their input in your larger marketing plan, they feel that connection. Don’t feel as though all of your content marketing must be created by beside-the-scenes individuals. Instead, hire a local talented writer to produce a guest blog or two for you, or ask graduate students in a film program at the closest university to create your next marketing video.

Spotlight on Local Residents
Not only can you involve residents in the content-production endeavors of your business, but you can also make them the focus of interviews, videos, blogs and so forth. For example, you may conduct a video interview of a person who recently purchased a product or service from your company. Incorporating real people into your marketing campaign helps to give individuals a sense of confidence with your products. They do not feel as though they are falling prey to a scam.

Incorporation of Keywords and Phrases with a Local Intent
You also need to work to incorporate keywords and phrases into your content marketing strategies, and these phrases should include your business type but also the city and state in which you are located. This element is important for all businesses that want to establish local SEO on their websites, and it is particularly necessary for those businesses that do not sell their products online. The vast majority of people, if not all of them, who purchase items from the shop are going to be individuals who live in the area. Therefore, they need to connect with businesses that are in their area, and that effort is made more possible by your successful incorporation of keywords and phrases.

Focusing on content marketing with local SEO is important because it helps to draw interest into your business and to build a substantial base of clients.