Local SEO and Google My Business Categories

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 17, 2015

Google My Business is the latest introduction to the family by Google. It’s designed to help you improve your digital presence and also to improve your business rankings across Google search. With the new platform, it’s easier to perform multiple tasks from a single tool. The convenience of Google My Business is all the rage in the industry. Here’s how Google My Business can help you improve local SEO:

Improve Your Business Presence with Google My Business

With the introduction of Google+, Google Maps, Google Pigeon, and Google Search, it’s difficult to keep up with all the updates. Google My Business will help you to improve your digital presence and rankings in all other aspects of Google’s product and services offering.

Some businesses are gaining more growth than others with the new Pigeon updates. As it stands currently, hospitality seems to be experiencing the most growth with a 28 percent increase. Job sites, however, are experiencing a 68 percent decline in maps listings. It’s difficult to tell which industries will improve and which will decline. It’s just best to remain current despite the changes that occur frequently.

Google+ is one of the most important local listings that you can create. With the introduction of Google My Business and Pigeon, it is important to accurately complete your listing and ensure that it’s verified. Keep in mind that if you have a Google Places account that you will be upgraded automatically to Google My Business.

How to Optimize Your Google+ for More Effective Local Search

1) Create a Vanity Name
2) Google+ allows its users to create a vanity name. After it created, a clunky numerical Google+ URL will be assigned. Then, you can claim your name and make your Google+ account your own.
3) Create Your Google+ Listing
4) Google will automatically acquire information from the World Wide Web to create your listing. You should ensure that your listing exists and is accurate for the best results.
5) Verify Your Address and Phone Number
6) Google My Business requests that you verify your address and phone number via phone. You may also be requested to verify by postcard, which is what many businesses do not prefer.
7) Complete Your Profile Accurately

Your profile should use tagline and descriptions to your advantage to allow customers to learn more about who you are. Google will allow you to connect to your YouTube page and AdWords page. It will also hyperlink out to other pages on your website.

Customize Your Images

Images can increase interest your website. They should be optimized for the best results. The faster they load and the sharper they are, the better impression they’ll make on the viewers. From your cover photo to your profile photo, all of these photos can make a difference in how well your website is received by the public. When users land on a page with professional photographs that tell a story, they are more likely to read the content to find out more. Photographs are often the “bait” to keep viewers interested.

What You Need to Know About Google My Business and Local SEO

In order to be successful in today’s world, you must realize that Google’s search algorithm is dynamic, and you must keep adapting to remain in touch with reality. Otherwise, you’ll look up and realize that your website or local search listing was once on page one, and now, it has either disappeared, or it’s on page 50 and doing the world no good. A result on page 40 or 50 is rarely going to be seen.

Don’t be foolish and fall into this trap. Hire a professional and be prepared for the change. Since there are 86 percent of smartphone users searching for local businesses, it’s increasingly important to local businesses to ensure their local search listings are optimized and visible in the search engine ranking results.