Local SEO and Google Pigeon Update

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 31, 2015

Local SEO and search is being weighted heavily in the new Google Pigeon update. That’s why all businesses are scrambling to update their listings to ensure that they are ranked higher than their competitors. This is not always an easy task. That’s why it is important to remain informed. Here’s what you need to be aware of since Google Pigeon has increased the importance of local search by requiring more accuracy and specificity.

How Long Has Google Pigeon Been Active?

Apparently, Google Pigeon was introduced on July 24, 2014. This new algorithm took the local SEO world by storm. It has been improved to interpret and better handle location cues. It creates a greater affiliation between the core algorithm and the local algorithm.

How Does Google Pigeon Affect Search Results in Google Maps Search and Google Web Search?

Google and Google Maps have very different methods of search. After the Pigeon rollout, the algorithm is more cohesive in the way that it connects web search and map search. That’s why it’s important to know how this will improve your search results.

How are Local Results More Closely Tied to Traditional Web Ranking Signals?

Local results from the search engine have resulted from the new Pigeon algorithm. This is similar to Google web search results. According to some publications, the updates are more similar to standard or traditional web ranking signals. The new search engines have spelling correction and synonyms. Google’s knowledge graph may have also had quite an impact on search engine results.

Are You Aware That the Update Provides More Accurate Results for Yelp-Specific Queries?

This is an impressive feature that will help businesses with their Yelp queries. In the past, Google was accused of pushing its reviews ahead of Yelp’s reviews, but this problem was corrected.

In Addition to Yelp Other Local Directories are Given Greater Search Result Recognition

There’s so much focus on Yelp that many people are unaware that other local search engines deserve recognition too. Some of the most popular sites include Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Zagat, and Kayak. They can receive higher visibility within the search engine results with the release of Pigeon.

Maps Bow Has Improved Distance and Location Ranking Parameters

The new Google pigeon will improve distance and location ranking parameters. What this means is that increased specificity will have a greater impact in dense neighborhoods. This will help people find your listing easier when your listing is optimized properly.

How Local Results Changed Each Businesses Website Rankings

Some businesses witnessed their rankings increase when Google’s Pigeon was released, while other businesses witnessed their listings disappear into thin air. That’s why optimization is so important. Each time the algorithm is changed, it is important to optimize the listing to maintain a high ranking position. Optimization does change the traffic flow.

Local SEO and Google Pigeon Updates are Impressive

The local SEO and Google Pigeon updates are impressive to the masses who will benefit from the use of these new services. Most people are not aware of the changes. They only begin to panic when they notice that they are losing business and their ranking position has been decreased. That’s when they start seeking professional help or reading more about the updates.

From San Francisco to Perth, clients need to learn more about local search. It will help them prepare their business for success regardless of how their clients find out about their company. Local SEO and Google Pigeon updates will help business owners take their listings to the next level. Talk to a professional and determine how local search can improve your search engine ranking position.