Local SEO Audit Tips That Should Help Companies Improve Their Lead Generation

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 20, 2018

Local SEO is unique because it uses ranking factors that are different from regular SEO. Local customers are looking for something close because they will likely be making their purchases very soon. For companies to be successful at local SEO, they must remember their location. Companies must audit their SEO regularly to make sure that everything is working properly. Here are some important local SEO audit tips that companies should use to ensure that they are heading in the right direction.

Google My Business

The Google My Business page makes a difference in regards to local search results. Google My Business contains company information such as the company phone number, address, directions, and hours of operation. This information shows up in Google Maps as well. For this reason, Google My Business is an important part of any local SEO strategies. An audit can help companies avoid having duplicate pages. Companies should claim their listing and verify that all of the listed information is correct. The company name, phone number, and address should be listed correctly at every location.

Make Sure That The Listing Hasn’t Been Penalized

Google does not normally notify businesses of any local penalties unless their account becomes suspended. If the company listing appears in one place but does not appear in the other, the listing may have been penalized. Another potential warning sign is if the listing shows up on the maps side but not the places side. Companies should check to make sure that there isn’t a manual webspam action. A manual webspam action could cause search engines to eliminate a company’s website out of their index. Check with the webmaster tools to ensure that none of the listings have been penalized. Algorithmic penalties can also be an issue. Companies can use the Penguin tool to help match the traffic numbers with the algorithmic updates.

Check The Content

Content is a common problem for many company sites. Companies should audit their content using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will look at every page and blog post. Companies should get rid of posts that aren’t generating traffic. There is nothing wrong with only having a few posts when those posts generate a substantial amount of traffic. Be aware of Google Panda, which seeks out thin or irrelevant content.

The Company Website

Search engines have a structure for different websites, so companies should make sure that all of their services have their own separate pages. Every page should offer links to subpages. Companies should optimize their company name so that it prominently shows up in the search results. It’s important that the city of the company shows up in the landing pages as well.


It’s important that companies follow a code of ethics in regards to the citations. Citations include the listing of the company name, phone number, and address on the internet. Citations can come from many different places. In order to provide customers with the ideal experience, companies should have a clean citation profile. Check with the data aggregators, as they submit the business information to other directories. Try to identify new citation sources.

Social Media

Companies have to be active on social media to attract clients, so it is important that companies perform a social audit. Avoid having duplicates, as that will only create confusion and lead to bad user reviews. Companies should make sure that their contact information is correct on their social media pages. Any photos or images that are being used to represent the company should be appropriate.