Local SEO Best Practices for 2015

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 13, 2015

Today, the Internet plays a big factor in how online marketing is performed in general. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay on top of all the latest SEO marketing trends in order to stay ahead of your competition. This is primarily because traditional marketing is more or less being replaced by better cost-effective inbound online marketing strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization) that work to attract target audiences. Here are some key tips to keep in mind for a successful SEO marketing campaign.

1. Content is still king.

The latest algorithm from Google appears to focus primarily on the quality of the content, which obviously means they’re less focused on keyword density and more focused on whether your content is closely related to your keywords or not. Therefore, you should continue to create high-quality, valuable content that utilizes relevant and appropriate keywords and phrases for those particular keywords, while continuing to developing rich content.

2. Mobile-friendly sites and SEO will continue to grow.

Is your website mobile-ready? This is another key ranking aspect in Google’s algorithm to consider. In 2015, mobile-friendly sites have surpassed the traditional desktop Internet and are set to keep growing well past this year. Researchers estimate that in this year alone, people will perform more than 50 billion searches from a mobile device.

3. Greater focus on ROI and less focus on ranking keywords.

In 2015, the primary focus in terms of SEO is to pay close attention to your ROI (return on investment) rather than where your specific keywords are actually ranking. If your prized keyword isn’t converting and generating sales, then what good is it? You’ll need to execute new and better strategies that go beyond just ranking keywords and link building in order to justify how your content impacts your viewers and ultimately converts them into promising leads or sales.

4. Social media and signals will have even greater importance.

In addition to the search engine algorithms placing more importance on content in general, they’re also depending more on key social signals in order to assess results in terms of SEO. In time, social signals and content are expected to be more integrated, with higher quality content experiencing more social shares and therefore ranking higher in the search engines.

5. Focus more on conversational keywords and phrases instead of just keywords.

Search engines today are utilizing the intent, meaning, and context of words in search queries rather than simply focusing on keyword matching itself. This means that more ‘conversational’ keywords and phrases, or long-tail keywords, will continue to be more important for effective SEO. Therefore, start modifying your SEO efforts more towards actually having a conversation with your users in order to figure out what you should be focusing on.

6. SEO is now more ‘visual-based’.

Original, high-quality content that features diverse visual media aspects such as images, video, and graphics are starting to become significant assets if you want to rank high. Websites that integrate rich content along with different visual elements will get top ranking in the search engines over web pages that only contain text. Also, keep in mind that YouTube video marketing has the ability to generate an enormous about of social sharing and link traffic for your website as well.

7. Brand mentions and link building go hand-in-hand.

Good link building is still a very important factor to consider in 2015. What’s apparently changed, however, is the way search engines are interpreting the backlinks that are coming to and from a site. Because content is the ‘star of the show’, you’ll need to consider things like social popularity and relevance. Brand mentions, which refers to related information a source site is talking about your website or particular brand, may not need to be hyperlinked necessarily but will still play a key role in SEO.

It’s impossible to master the art of good SEO in one day. However, you can take the necessary steps each day regarding the most important factors that involve SEO in order to enhance the overall productivity of your site and your brand in order to achieve the results you desire.