Local SEO & Content Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 09, 2016
Local SEO can play a pivotal role in the success of your business, but you must give it the chance to do so. Implementing its various features is one way to accomplish that goal, and content marketing is a major part of the plan right now. Understanding how content marketing helps to shape and define your local SEO plan is imperative.

Content Marketing
In the past, when people want to find out information about a company, they would go to the website and check out the pages. Walls of text may have greeted them, or the site may have relegated their experience to product descriptions. In short, the information available was often boring at best. Now, information is presented in different ways that are more engaging, and that is the source of content marketing. Some companies use blogs and Twitter posts, and others use videos and works of art to display their message. Content marketing helps to create material that still serves promotional and informational purposes, but does not bore the audience members.

Talking to the Community
Content marketing is a field that can provide benefits to many types of businesses, but it has a particular appeal for local SEO. Content marketing allows the company to speak to the community in a very specific manner. These content marketing plans do not have to be so general that their target audience is composed of virtually anyone in the world. These content marketing campaigns can make references to events taking place in the community or prominent individuals in the neighborhood. They show potential and current customers that the business is in touch with what is happening outside of its doors.

Connecting and Empowering Community Members
Another major benefit of content marketing is that it allows for a greater level of involvement from the community members themselves. People cannot comment or talk to a product description on a website; however, they can leave comments on a blog that discusses how the product can be used in their homes. Content marketing breaks up some of the hegemony that the company has over the people and puts them on a more level ground. Also, not only do the community members get a chance to interact with the company, but they can also interact with other people in the area. They may talk to one another through comment sections. Whether these bonds remain online or venture into the real world, they are still prolific.

Providing a Platform for Discussion and Creativity
It’s unlikely that someone would walk into a store and tell the manager how much he or she really liked the new product description on the website. On the other hand, videos and other types of content can generate conversation. Not only do these conversations allow shops to build rapport with their customers, but it also helps the content marketing team to get a sense of what consumers like and do not like. This information allows the team members to create stronger marketing strategies in the future. Also, members of the community may have content that they can share on behalf of the business or skills that can help the business to generate even better content. Involving the community in this way helps give members a powerful channel for their creativity and a voice.

Content marketing plays a prodigious role in SEO strategies used today. Some small, local businesses shy away from these strategies because they think such techniques are for larger companies only. However, that is not true at all, and local businesses can amplify their profits by incorporating content marketing into their campaigns.