Local SEO Drives More Traffic

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 16, 2015

The universal approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) no longer applies, especially since Google made their big switch in favor of local results. To succeed these days, a brand needs to cater their efforts for regional audiences. There are countless merits to using local SEO schemes, and the long-term outcome will be a serious increase in traffic. Here’s a look at why your company should be utilizing location oriented SEO tactics.

Find Your Demographics

By emphasizing local strategies, you can deduce which regions have the most amicable audiences. Every brand has a niche, and this kind of SEO makes it easier to find your nuanced corner of the Web. For example, an online community that promotes outdoor activities will find more success by strictly advertising in athletic cities. Blogs for parents can succeed by promoting in family friendly areas. Meanwhile, technology providers should focus on Silicon Valley and the West Coast. Location should be a cornerstone of your SEO. Start by using the right proper nouns in your keywords, and it will work wonders.

Measure Regional Receptivity

As your local SEO starts to take off, your brand may start considering some outward growth. The measurements gained by Google’s analytics will let you determine where to go next. These statistics will enshrine the opportunity to plan expansion efforts based on potential interest. By looking at where your searches are coming from, you can guess where to target your upcoming efforts.

Limit Your Bounce Rate

This may be the best part of all local SEO efforts. Bounce rates have been a pesky nuisance since the dawn of the Internet; however, regional optimization may have finally found a perfect fix. Basically, a large percentage of bounce rates occur simply because a content provider is not within the same region as the searcher. Now that most engines are trained to automatically hone in on a user’s location, bounce rates are plummeting for the first time! This means you get to keep all of the new traffic that is being gained!

Stand Out Easier

Extra noticeability is built into the new system, especially since it sifts out corporate competition. Today’s small businesses finally have a chance to acquire recognition online without being overshadowed by a bigger brand. Local search results filter out all irrelevant offerings, so major companies will not be shown in your region unless they are locally established. As a result, all of the businesses in each locale are on an equal footing for the first time!

Forget Pay-Per-Click!

The old style of searching was built on a premise of inevitability, especially in regard to bounce rates. Because this incontrovertible nature no longer persists, the online advertising game is changing rapidly. Basically, the former perception of non-profitable viewers used to require automatic income via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) methods. Today, local SEO is making each click count more than it would have in the past. As such, the amount of views may go down as profit goes up from direct commerce. PPC may fade into the background as your company cashes in on regional visitors.

Freedom to Craft Multiple Presentations

Another unspoken benefit of local SEO is the sudden capacity for brands to reinvent themselves by region. A company can cultivate different images depending on where they are advertising. There is no need for a cookie-cutter approach anymore. Every single city can receive a fine-tuned outreach campaign. This can be conducted with ease, and the personalized approach will make each place feel individually appreciated. By seeming hip to a local community’s scene, it is possible to rake in the hits via regional SEO techniques.

Final Note

A lot of companies are arriving at their big breakthrough, and it is all thanks to the innovative advent of local SEO approaches. By appealing to each region individually, you can suddenly have a very established brand on your hands!