Local SEO for Copywriters: Tips on Measuring SEO Impact

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 01, 2018

SEO is a term formed from the first letters of the words search engine optimization, the optimization for search engines. A majority of surfers do searches to find, for example, a store nearby or the schedules of their local theater. It might be thanks to Google that you found your job or your home.

So, how is it that Google is not at the center of your concerns, either as a copywriter or as a web professional? I am well aware that not all sites on the web are the result of professionals. However, we should still consider the fact that a significant number of the sites on the web have been designed by professionals.

Therefore, to increase organic traffic it is necessary to write durable articles and update the articles of a site regularly to create interest and freshness for the reader. The questions your customers or prospects ask you regularly can help you create rich, useful and varied content. Unfortunately, the days of getting traffic easily are over. But, what if I told you that it is still possible to make money online with a little hard work?

Today, we are far from the early days of the web, when it was easy to get traffic. Nowadays, the web gets denser from day to day, with, every day, new bloggers, new websites, and new competitors…in short, new publications. If you or your agency forget about SEO during the creation of your site, Google will do the same. It will forget your site. Therefore, prioritize the SEO of your pages.

Since I started doing SEO years earlier, I have always had to deal with clients who are hyper-motivated but who do not have the budget to realize their dreams. Therefore, I like to provide some ways to help these clients. You may wonder: “How do I build a niche site that will earn money,” and “How to get good links?”

One way to improve the visibility of your site is to add your website address on your stationery, on your promotional material, on your vehicle, etc. I have been implementing my recommendations for years on client sites and on my own sites. You will see the results of your hard work if you devote the time necessary to implement the SEO tips from this article.

Once your general SEO is set up, it is important to track the traffic to your website to see if your strategy is paying off. By following this advice you will benefit from having effective strategies, and not follow the charlatans that promise you will become rich overnight.

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