Local SEO for Law Firms in 2015

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 14, 2015

Many law firms generate repeat or steady business from clients, but regardless of the type of law that your firm specializes in, there is also typically a need to generate new business. There are many efforts that your firm may take to encourage new clients to contact your firm for an initial consultation about their needs and your legal services, but one of the best marketing resources available to you may be your company’s own website. Through local SEO efforts, you may be able to maximize the lead generation benefits that your website provides. There are some excellent strategies that you can employ in your marketing efforts for 2015. 

New Ways to Focus on Your Geographic Area

If you are interested in generating the greatest number of leads from your website, you may be attempting to expand your reach as far as possible. For example, you may be marketing your firm as a “personal injury law firm in Miami” if you specialize in this area of the law. However, by doing so, you are competing with numerous other personal injury law firms. Your own law firm may be specialized in specific areas of personal injury law, such as medical malpractice or workplace injuries. Therefore, you may get better results if you target the leads that you really want by refining your keyword terms according. For example, using “medical malpractice in Miami.” In addition, a new change with Google that took place at the end of 2014 has adjusted the search algorithms to make them more beneficial to mobile users. Therefore, you may also incorporate zip codes or more specific geographic areas with your efforts. This may be neighborhoods, suburbs or other areas of the town where you have offices.

Utilizing Social Media With Local SEO Efforts 

In 2015, you can also begin employing social media marketing efforts with your local SEO marketing efforts to enjoy synergistic results. For example, the next time your law firm tweets about a new law that recently went into effect, add a local appeal for the benefit of your target audience. For example, you may create a social media post about how Kansas City residents are reacting to a traffic safety law if you specialize in car accident cases, DWI cases or other related areas of the law. If possible, incorporate your targeted keywords and phrases into your social media posts, tweets or other messages to get the most mileage from your efforts. 

Employing Articles and Blogs With Local Flair

The content that you create for your website may be fairly static, and you may only update it periodically as you adjust your targeted keywords and phrases. However, you also need to create fresh content for search engines to locate. Many law firms already have a blog, and you may consider adding a blog to your website if you do not already have one. A blog can be used to incorporate specific keywords and phrases to boost local SEO efforts, and it can also add true value to your potential clients. You may be able to position yourself as a leader or expert in a niche area while at the same time encouraging your readers to contact you for a consultation. While blog posts can incorporate localized SEO terms on your website with a call to action, you can also create off-site content in the form of articles on various websites. These can have SEO-rich links embedded in them that are tied to your own website, but they can also offer readers valuable information. The best blog posts and articles are those that are related to issues or problems that concern local residents, such as real estate zoning changes for a real estate law firm. 

You may need to revise the content on your website based on changes to Google and other search engines for 2015. In addition, you may consider improving how you utilize social media, blogs and articles so that you can incorporate local SEO for your law firm in these areas.