Local SEO for Photographers: Keyword Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 19, 2017

“Photographers are in high demand everywhere. The problem is that you might be experiencing a significant amount of competition. This means that you need to rank higher than the competition in order to improve visibility. There are all sorts of keyword tips to help you with your local SEO efforts.

Optimize the Info on Your Site
The information on your website needs to be optimized. This is done by looking at your URL address, your title tags, and the content on your site. People need to know what it is that you offer and where you are located quickly. Some people will look at your URL address, and if it lists that you are a photographer within a specific city, you have already accomplished some of what you need. The various pages on your website should be named appropriately and include keywords. You also need to make sure that you are using keywords within your title tags, meta-tags, and meta-descriptions.

Use Business Listings
Various business listings within your community will allow you to focus on local SEO. Within the business listings, you want to be sure you identify your keywords within the description. This will provide another website where people can find out about your photography business.

Create a LinkedIn Profile
A LinkedIn profile will provide you with a backlink and a way to share more information about the kind of photography that you do. Your profile description needs to feature keywords – and these include short tail and long tail ones. Additionally, you want to use the publish feature and submit articles to your profile – all of which will feature keywords as well.

Use Backlinks and Anchor Text
You might already know about backlinks, as these are links found on other websites that drive people back to your website. Rather than simply creating a back link with any kind of anchor text, you want to make sure that the anchor text is a keyword that you are targeting. This could be a simple as photography+city.

Promote Reviews
As you do photography work for different clients, make sure that they are leaving you reviews. This could be done by giving them a link to where you want them to leave the review after you have provided them with their photos. Google Local and YP.com are two of the best places for you to focus on your reviews.

Utilize Social Media
Social media is a great way to improve local SEO as well. As you create profiles, you will want to use keywords. It’s important to use multiple keywords, and hone in on the type of photography that you do, whether it be wedding, senior, portrait, maternity, or any other type of photography.

Research Competition Keyword Usage
One of the best ways to improve your search ranking with keywords is to know what the competition is doing. This means researching their keyword usage so that you know what keywords they are targeting, what kind of density they have, and how they are ranking within the search engines. It will give you guidance as to what you need to do in order to improve your rank over theirs.”