Local SEO for Wedding Photographers

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 09, 2017

Regardless of the business, it has never been more important to have a viable web presence. Without one, a business becomes a needle in the haystack. People today, more than ever, will not spend a lot of time looking for a product or service. If you run a wedding photography business, the odds are people will search local to find a service such as wedding photography.

Customers Prefer Local Search on Mobile Devices

You should also keep in mind that a majority of customers accomplish an online search through their mobile device. People are on the move. Search engine optimization is all about changing elements on the site to rank higher when people look for your product or services. As such, there are a number of factors to take into account when wedding photographers look to optimize their site for local search. Consider the following tips.

1. Create a Google + Business page. This tells Google everything about your business. Google offers the service for free. You can connect better with potential and current customers with maps and other services. Customers will have no problem finding your physical location. Make sure your personal information is the same across multiple channels. This includes your address and telephone number.

2. Get present customers to vouch for your customer service. People pay attention to reviews. A good number of reviews, by credible people, is a likely indication that you are a respected wedding photographer. Keep in mind that Google is always about providing the best user-experience for its customers.

3. Google Places for Business Listings is also an excellent venue to establish credibility and ranking. Google Places for Business Listings is where you can add Google Maps. This makes it easy for anyone to click your location on their mobile device. Google Maps will automatically appear and direct them to your location.

4. Local citations can add ranking credibility to your site. A local citation is when there is a mention of your company’s address, name, and contact information. The more citations you have the more it makes you look like a serious player in the field of wedding photography. Citations about your business can be placed anywhere on the Internet.

5. Offer up relevant information about your business. Credible inbound links to your website can also make a big difference in its ranking. Inbound links are like “votes” that search engines pay attention to. If you are able to guest blog with a link leading back to your site, it is a good thing. This is all part of the relationship building that is a must to rank high for search.

High Ranking Matters

No one can overstate the importance of high ranking. When customers search the Internet, up to 87 percent of all clicks are for the first five results. Over half of all clicks are for the top result. Staying focused on the type of SEO that enhances a wedding photographer’s online presence is essential for success.