Local SEO & Google Pigeon Update

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 19, 2016

The Google Pigeon update is universally recognized as a game changer in the market for local search engine optimization. If you do not have the ability to stay in the game after this update, then your business will certainly lose ground in upcoming business cycles. Local search engine optimization will only increase in its importance in the future. Here are some of the ways that you can help to ensure a position for your business in Google by using good local search engine optimization techniques.

– Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Overall, good techniques with search engine optimization will never fully go bad. However, you must focus your attention on the keywords that are relevant to your local area first after the Pigeon update. If you are located in the United States and you have been ranked highly for a keyword that registers well in Portugal, then you may lose ranking and not know why. The reason is that you are not serving your local area before you branch out into the global marketplace. The major search engines, and especially Google, will pick up on this every time thanks to the new Google Pigeon update.

Make sure that you check all of the keywords that you are using with a geographic reference.

– Organizing Your Website Coding Data

It is now more important than ever to organize your website according to local constructs. Fortunately, Google has accepted a standard for this coding. Known as schema, this algorithm update is a way to organize your coding so that the major search engines recognize your website as coming from a particular area. Just reorganizing your current code into a schema that is appropriate will have a huge effect on your search engine rankings.

Schema is meant to force you to give up your local geographic information. This information will work best for you if it matches the citation that you give in your business listings. For instance, if your schema has your zip code as local to California and you also have an area code in your citation that is local to California, you will rise in the major search engine listings. If you do not, then you risk losing rank because the search engine algorithms will not be able to place you in a particular geographic area. This is still an important step to take for people who do not have a physical storefront. Make sure that you put yourself in a dedicated physical location so that you do not lose rank in Google.

– Title Tags and Headers

The way that you organize the data and the audiovisual resources on your website is more important than ever after the Google Pigeon update. You should be sure that all of your website resources have their own individual tags. This means tagging every picture and video that you use on your website. All of these tags should be localized in the same way that your header tags are.

If everything on your website matches in terms of localized information, you have the best chance of doing well within your local search engine results. There are always small details that you can change in order to have a better result. You also need to keep your eye on the ball when it comes to future updates. Google does not announce its updates to the general public, nor does it have to. Make sure that you are not the last one to find out about an important change that Google makes in your local search engine optimization.