Local SEO: Google Search Ranking & Algorithm Shifts

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 25, 2018

Here are some tips on how to do SEO: write texts on a regular basis; choose your title and subtitles related to your subject; put pictures with descriptive thumbnails; look after your keywords; insert some external links; provide a good description of the media on your site; etc. Do you understand SEO? You need to understand SEO if you want to be able to attract people who will possibly contact you, listen to your podcast, read your content, buy some of your products, etc.

Ranking high in the search results is therefore useful for your site. One of the objectives of SEO is to position the content of a web page in the search engine results on keywords and give information to the indexing robots. Remember, hyperlinks are used to provide a link between different pages and are therefore a key element of the mechanics of the search engines.

Therefore, to provide an example, you should insert your keywords in your links. Likewise, whether you are one of the many active artisans, whether you are a member of an association, or maybe you have a different profession, SEO will allow you to achieve the acquisition of new customers. On the other hand, for certain sectors of activity, to provide an example, it is not necessarily relevant to appear in Google My Business results.

This is particularly the case for online sales companies. Also, a frequently updated blog can increase the visibility of your website. Your site must be built for the race before you can conquer the top of the SERPs.

Ask yourself, “What keywords are my competitors positioned on?” Remember, you will be able to improve the average duration of the time that a user spends on your site thanks to SEO. To provide another example of how to make SEO work for you, you may share your texts on social media to get more backlinks.

Also, as part of the monetization of content offered by some sites (Youtube, Google Adsense, etc.), you can also earn money through simple visits to your site, page or blog. On the other hand, to be able to use SEO you need to understand the structure of the proposed content. That is because search engines take into account the words or key-phrases located in the titles of your pages.

It is also necessary that your content provides high-quality info for the net surfers, as it will allow you to retain them. Know this fact and exploit it. Remember, nobody is going to give you a way to boost your traffic for free. You will have to take the time to put in the effort to be able to receive the results that you desire.

Concentrate your budget, your time and your creativity to enrich your SEO. SEO will make you so much more money than you think. Also, use tools to support your SEO and your SEO analyzation on your site. Use the SEO well, and it will provide a great return on your investment.