Local SEO Link Building Best Practices

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 01, 2016
The techniques that you use for your local search engine optimization make all the difference between a visible site and an invisible one online. Google and the rest of the major search engines take a close look at your link building practices when determining the trust factor for your website. Here are some of the best local search engine optimization link building practices that you could implement today.

Localize your keywords.

Generic keywords will no longer cut it. You need to experiment with keyword phrases that are also localized if you want to increase your online visibility. Localizing a keyword can be as simple as including the name of the city that you serve. However, you can also use local colloquialisms or other phrases to bring more precision to your keywords as well.

The major search engines have free tools that will allow you view some of the best examples of localized keywords. You also have other free tools such as synonym finders and keyword web creators that will help you find the right keywords for your business. Take advantage of all of these tools in order to increase your online visibility.

Organize your keywords effectively.

Once you have created your keyword list, you can organize those lists into even more effective silos. Because the criteria for a great keyword will change as the algorithms for the search engines change over time, you should organize your keywords into groups to change them in real time.

Each of the pages on your website can be geared towards a different group of keywords. This is an effective strategy because it increases the ubiquity of your content over the entire Internet. You do not have to settle one listing within the major search engines. Your website can actually take up the entire front page if your keywords are effective, precise and relevant.

Each of your keywords silos should target a particular piece of your business. This will increase the precision within your local community. The major search engines will the able to hone in on the targeted area that your business serves. In general, the more easily that the major search engines can index your website, the higher that site will rank in the search results. Keep this in mind before you assign random keywords to random pages on your website.

Structure your website code using SCHEMA.

Schema is a relatively new tool that you can use to increase the index factor of your website. This is a code that is accepted among all of the major search engines, not just Google. However, Google is making proper format in your code a more important aspect of search ranking than ever. This trend will never decrease, as the feedback that Google is getting from its users is mostly positive.

– Use footers.

Footers are one of the least used techniques for increasing the visibility of a site that is targeted at a local area. A footer is one of the best places to put another instance of a localized keyword.

Localize the tags in your pictures and multimedia.

You now have the ability to tag all of the pictures that you put on your websites as well. These pictures can be indexed and searched, as you have likely found on Google. Every time that you put a new picture on your website, make sure that you use the same care for the picture tags that you use for your header tags. Every organic instance of a localized keyword helps the search engines index your site.