Local SEO Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 14, 2015

While some businesses have a regional, national or international market, many are focused on targeting their local community. With general search engine marketing efforts, you will be competing for rankings using those keywords on a wide-scale basis, and some of the results that you generate may be for consumers who are not in your target area. This general SEO strategy is essentially not as effective as it could be, and a better idea for those who are focused on a local target audience is to use localized SEO marketing efforts. By fine-tuning your efforts today, you could generate superior results with your future search engine optimization campaigns and strategies.

Select the Geo-Centric Keywords and Phrases

First, your keywords and phrases used in your SEO campaign should be geo-centric, and this means that they should contact geographic terms that your consumers may be searching for. For example, a consumer looking for a plumber in New York City will not simply search for “Plumber.” This will generate results of plumbing companies from across the country and beyond. Instead, the consumer may choose to use terms like “plumber New York City,” “plumbing company in Queens” or something else that is more relevant to the local area. There are variations of this as well, such as using terms like “emergency plumbing service” or “leak repair” followed by a geo-centric word. This will yield more targeted results for you, and the words that you use may not be as heavily targeted, so you may generate better overall results in your rankings.

Include Landmarks and Points of Interest

While selecting geo-centric keywords and phrases is important, you also may incorporate points and interest, landmarks and other geographically relevant information into your content. This may be included with static content on your website, SEO articles and blogs, social media marketing and more. You can also include special events, such as marathon races, holiday festivals and more in your SEO campaign.

Use External SEO Marketing Efforts

While it is important to fully incorporate your carefully selected keywords and phrases into your own website’s marketing efforts, it is also important to integrate external SEO marketing efforts into a comprehensive online strategy. There are many external SEO marketing strategies that you can use, and you may choose to use one or all of them. Using off-site SEO articles and blog posts that have back links to your website and that have a geo-centric keywords and phrases in them can boost rankings and can encourage click-throughs to your website. Social media marketing and other strategies can also be used to increase relevance and rankings.

Use Google My Business

If your website is not currently listed with Google My Business, now is a great time to register it. This is a free step that you can take, and it can ensure that your website’s link and your business’s contact information is easily visible. You can even upload images of your storefront, your products or other items that may be relevant to consumers who are trying to find what your business offers. Because this is a free method to take and because Google is the top search engine that your consumers may use, this is a veritable necessity for local businesses.

Local search engine optimization marketing can seem complicated, but you can see that it actually is rather simple. You simply have to select the right keywords and phrases to get the ball rolling on your local SEO campaign, and you can follow these other steps to maximize the results. Contact an online marketing firm that specializes in local SEO for more information.