Local SEO Mobile Search in 2016

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 16, 2016

The time and care that you put into your local search engine optimization program will make all of the difference in your mobile commerce in 2016. There is no reversing the trend towards more mobile commerce, so your best bet is to learn how to become visible on the major search engines. Here are some of the best local search engine optimization mobile search tips for 2016.

– Creating a Fully Responsive Website

You no longer have an option of whether to include a mobile website within your online portfolio. It is no longer acceptable to have a smaller version of a current website masquerading as a website that was created specifically for the mobile space. You need a completely responsive website if you are going to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are available to you. With this in mind, do whatever you must in order to create a responsive website that has the ability to implement all of the tips below.

Creating a fully mobile website means having the ability to offer sales and promotions such as GPS targeted coupons. You also gain access to many promotional tools that are unavailable anywhere else such as QR codes.

– Using Voice Search

Voice search is one of the newest and most incredible promotional tools for local search engine optimization on the mobile platform this year. If you have voice search implemented into your website, people will be able to access your material which more easily than your competitors’. For instance, drivers will be able to find directions to your physical location without breaking the law. This alone will help your foot traffic increase, and you will have done it by implementing a virtually free third-party application.

When you begin to use voice search, you must remember to change your keywords to more voice friendly keywords. The major search engines are already quite attuned to the differences between voice keywords and text keywords, so you will only help your local search engine optimization ranking by following the correct protocol here.

– Using Direct Data

Aside from voice search, direct data is one of the most important new upgrades in relation to local search engine optimization and the mobile platform. Its importance will only increase in the future, so you would do well to implement it now.

Direct data is best described as the details of your business that appear in the business listings. The more of this that you are able to provide, the better that your search ranking will do in 2016. This is especially important in the mobile environment, where citations are more important than on the desktop. You can begin giving good direct data by ensuring the validity of your location, your hours of operation, your local phone number, pricing for your products and other details that your potential customers would be interested in. No detail is too small, so make sure that everything important has its place within your business listing.

– The Live Customer Experience

Most of your search engine trust factor will come from off-line interactions, believe it or not. The customer service that you provide will eventually come out the other end as online reviews. The major search engines can tell the difference between a good review and a bad review. If you are receiving overwhelmingly good reviews, then your business listings will rise in the search engine rankings.

Make sure that the customer experience is as good as it can be on your website. Train your sales agents to solve problems quickly.