Local SEO Roundup

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 21, 2016

As the owner of a local business, you know how important maintaining strong connections with your customer is, and you have done a fine job of accomplishing that goal in the store and at events. However, with the ubiquity of technology, the time has arrived to bring those efforts into virtual spaces as well. One of the best strategies for accomplishing that goal is to implement local SEO techniques on your website.

Written Material and Keywords
Right now, you should comb through the written material on your website to see if you are using appropriate keywords and phrases. These combinations of letters help to drive traffic to your site. Without them, you might not attract the right web surfers to your pages. Not only is having keywords and phrases important, but so is integrating them in a manner that is natural.

Stronger Written Content
While you want to make sure that the proper keywords and phrases are used, you also need to check that they sound right in the content. If they sound as though they have been manipulated and forced into the spaces, you can almost guarantee that visitors won’t enjoy reading it. On top of that, take a look at how long your written content is. When people are browsing on the web, they usually aren’t looking to read lengthy blocks of material. Divide your content up into sections with titles so that visitors can quickly find what they want.

Other Types of Content
Also, you should not rely solely on written content. Plenty of websites, for example, are incorporating pictures and videos to meet the needs of visual audiences. On top of that, these techniques afford you with the opportunity to speak to your customers in different ways. Not only can you explain to them how the products are used, you can also show them.

Citation Accuracy and Consistency
People in the local community are the main targets of your local business, and a major perquisite is the fact that it doesn’t take them a long time to get to you. However, if they are met with inaccurate directions, then that isn’t the case. Also, they may want to call your shop to find out more information about a particular product or service, and that should not become a cumbersome endeavor. Therefore, you want to ensure that your citation information is correct on your site and on other sites.

Review Sites
Plenty of people love to write reviews for the businesses that they stop at, and you don’t want to have negative reviews floating around the web. While you cannot do anything to change the reviews once they are up, you can at least address them. Doing so gives you a chance to show other customers that you care about what the community has to say.

Social Media Accounts
Not only will people seek to write about and research your business on review sites, but they will also take to social media. A properly monitored social media account means that you can interact with clients and address their comments and concerns. Also, by simply having a social media account, your business has the opportunity to interact more with the clients. You can speak directly to them even when they are not at the shop. You can let them know how much you appreciate them, and you can post about new products and upcoming sales.

Take a look at the methods you are currently employing for local SEO. When you haven’t taken the time to integrate these suggestions into your plan, start now for a better business future.