Local SEO Services for Organic Search Engine Ranking

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 23, 2017

“Any local business desires an online presence. Numerous advantages come with ranking in the local search engines. It gives you the opportunity of being found quickly by customers who search the web for a business address, product availability, directions, hours of operation and reviews. You are likely to boost your brand awareness and visibility.

This is a sure way of beating competition because being visible online puts you a step ahead towards getting relevant traffic that could turn to immediate customer action. It is estimated that 18% of clients who search for you business locally are likely to make a purchase within a day. Non-local searches don’t amount to much and are only estimated at 7%.

Ranking factors
Google uses a lot of elements to rank your website. Below are some of the factors Google considers;
1. On-page signals – the address on your page has to state the city in which you want to rank clearly.
2. Google my business – you need to set up a Google my business page for your business and ensure you have an address that is verified.
3. Links – always have links to your website from a local search. You will also need links from other sites, and another important thing is to link out to other recourses and related local businesses.
4. External location – it is important for other firms to reference your location correctly. Your business has to be listed correctly on the local chamber used or on the internet yellow page website.
5. How your site behaves – how long does it take to load into your site? This is critical to determine ranking. If your site loads faster, the better.
6. Social media – what kind of following do you have on social media? Are they dedicated? Do they actively engage themselves in your posts and tweets? You need to determine this to rank highly in Google.

These are some of the things you need to do to ensure that your website ranks high on the local search engines
It is important to note that there is a very stiff competition and that Google has set its standards so high. To beat this contest, you have to do what the big boys are not doing. Ensure that your game is at 100%. This is what you need to do;

Include a physical address
This is a very crucial factor. Ensure that you include a physical address. You are better placed if you have been in that area for a longer period. It is also necessary that you specify the exact location, for example, the particular unit in a building. It should not be a shared space. This improves your ranking.

It may take a while to update and may not give many returns, but listing your website on the internet yellow pages is a sure way of ranking high on Google.

Ensure you have a way in which customers who visit your website will leave a review. This is vital because it projects your business in good light.

Have catchy titles and descriptions that resonate with your intended customers
Don’t spam your page. Have titles and descriptions that are short and very clear. Ensure that they correctly describe what you do and the customers you intend to serve and how you want to achieve that.

Get some attractive content for your website
Blog heavily. It is a sure way of attracting lots of traffic. Blog about what you do and how it affects your customers. Ensure that the information is informative and helpful in the long run.

With the rise of stiff competition, you will need to up your game. Ranking your business high in search engines is a sure way of building your brand awareness and propelling your business to greater heights.”