Local SEO & Social Media Tactics

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 02, 2015

Times are definitely changing when it comes to online marketing programs. Localized search engine optimization and social media marketing are two disciplines that now must overlap in order for your business to have any chance at success in an oversaturated market. Here are just a few of the ways that you can combine your local search engine optimization and social media tactics.

– First, be sure that all of your social media pages as well as your website landing page are all based off of localized keywords.

You want to be sure that the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing are considering all of your social media pages as a single entity. Although this is not truly possible because no one knows the entire algorithm of how the search engines choose their content and ranking, there are many educated guesses that have helped many businesses in this endeavor. The first way that you can ensure that your social media pages are indexed as closely as possible is to have similar localized keywords for all of them.

An easy way to create similar localized keywords is to pick a synchronized URL that contains one of these keywords. Although you should not sacrifice brevity or understandability for a keyword, if a keyword can be the URL for all of your webpages, then let it be so.

– Secondly, link all of your webpages together in an organized fashion through the localized keywords.

As you include all of the localized keywords and synonyms for those keywords in your site content for each social media page, you should be linking them to each other. This is a great way to increase the link juice between all of your pages without having to waste time negotiating the effort with any outside business entity. Your social media pages will usually be seen as more trustworthy than your landing page, especially if your business is relatively new and unestablished on the Internet. You can use the initial link juice from your social media pages to drive trust from the major search engines to your landing page. This strategy will work best if you have a consistent flow of traffic to your social media pages. Take your most popular pages and focus your marketing efforts on them – do not use a catchall strategy.

– Third, make sure that you have all of your social media webpages placed in local directories.

Directories have become a much more viable form of social media lately. As far search engine optimization is concerned, the three major search engines trust directories much more than they have been over the past five years. As long as you limit your inclusion of directories to those with high Google PageRankings, you should receive a boost in the viability of all of your pages when you do this. You will also have more direct access human customers as well, hopefully those who are highly motivated to make a purchase of the products that you are selling.

– Fourth, have a localized tag strategy.

Social media gives you the ability to create a great deal of content using multimedia. Fortunately, the major search engines have finally caught up to this practice. All three of the major search engines can now index image and video content. This means that all of your multimedia content is right for a localized tag strategy.

Utilize longtail keywords as your tags for all of your multimedia content in order to maximize the ranking of that particular piece of content in the major search engines. You have the ability to spread your content around a bit when it comes to your multimedia. However, you must make sure that the keywords that you use on a particular piece of content relate pacifically to the content that is being presented. The major search engines keep up with click through rates and stickiness on each individual piece of multimedia.