Local SEO Strategies

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 16, 2016

Local businesses have played a prominent role in the lives of people since their nascent days. They are easy to get to, and many customers love to chat with the staff. People can feel at home in these businesses. However, some have claimed that the internet is killing local businesses. While many see these two entities, the internet and local businesses, as at war, the companies can actually use the power of the web to draw in customers and regain their status.

Connecting with the Community through Keywords
One major benefit of SEO for local businesses is that it allows the company to speak directly with the community through keywords. If you are interested in using this strategy, consider the communities that mostly use your products. Chances are, they are the area in which you are located and the areas that directly surround your neighborhood. Work to integrate the names of these communities and places into the copy of your website. Make sure that you don’t overdo it though. Too many keywords stuffed into pages can actually detract from that family friendly and local vibe.

Incorporating the Idea that the Business is Local
Whenever two ideas or entities are at odds with one another, both ends tend to end up with supporters. Many individuals love the idea of supporting local businesses, and they make it their mission to do so whenever possible. Therefore, they actively search for businesses that use local ingredients or that sell items made by people in the community. Use this angle to your advantage when incorporating keywords and phrases. For example, “locally produced” and “local shopping” are phrases that can drive traffic to your company.

Ensuring that the Local Listings are Correct
Whether you are aware of it or not, your company is probably listed in a variety of places. One step you should take is to make sure that you have listings in the appropriate venues. If people are looking for the products or services that your company offers, they should be able to find that information in a local directory. However, it is also important that the information is correct. Unlike with larger companies that ship all over the world, people are often going to actually come to your store, especially if you do not offer online shopping. However, when they cannot get the right address for the shop or when the listed phone number is incorrect, the chance that they choose a competitor increases.

Inviting the Community to Participate
The ability to establish strong rapport with customers is a benefit that local businesses have over large ones. You actually can get to know your customers to some degree, and you probably have people who come in on a regular basis. Therefore, you can invite the community to participate in ways that actually enliven your SEO strategies. A major part of SEO right now is content marketing because this technique helps to deliver information to people in different ways. Instead of just reading content, they can watch humorous videos or engage in a conversation with other locals in the comments section of a blog. When you know that talent exists in your community, ask the producers of such talent to create material for your website. The community will love to see that you are working so closely with members of it, and other people may even be encouraged to offer their services to you as well.

Local SEO is extremely important even though so many people see a tremendous dichotomy between the internet and local business. Instead of allowing this war to continue, seek to build a bridge.