Local SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 04, 2017

Many businesses have not yet claimed ownership of their Google My Business listing and are not paying attention to optimizing their local SEO. By doing that, they’re missing out on sales. Also, many companies do not optimize their titles to take advantage of local SEO.

To start optimizing your local SEO you should try to get backlinks to your site, and for that you will need partners. The more a partner generates traffic on a site, the more useful it will be. That is because Google will consider that backlink as having more importance.

By optimizing your Googe My Business card, you will increase your chances of appearing several times on the first page of Google and you will thus benefit from visibility. This Google platform is free and offers enormous potential for visibility. By not optimizing its Googe My Business card, a business leaves the field free for their competitors and therefore they lose a large volume of sales.

Did you know that a majority of internet users search in Google Images before they purchase something? This is one of the many natural SEO factors of a web page taken into account for local SEO from Google. Therefore, you need to insert images in your articles so users will be able to find them in Google Images.

This tip will improve the local SEO of your page or website. If people are looking for images on Google Images, they will see your photo. If they like the image, they will click on it and will land on your website. Practice this local SEO tip and get an easily achievable boost in your traffic.

It is important to make sure that major players such as the Yellow Pages, for example, have the same information regarding your telephone number, address and hours of operation. By doing this, you will improve your positioning for Google My Business and the search engines. You can identify the keywords you need to use by the number of search results that exist in a Google query. If you do not have the budget, then it is useless to compete for the top keywords when you have no chance of landing yourself on the first page of Google.

It is also important to ensure that the information about your business listed through directories is consistent. A consumer who directly searches for PC Repair in Albuquerque is a potential customer who is much closer to making a purchase than a person who sees a billboard. Finally, local SEO is a very important asset for companies since it will allow you to attract more consumers.

On the other hand, the customer who types in a business category will see the competition. Your client, who knows your name, will type your name and will find you easily if you utilize keywords properly. You will be first since you will be the only one to possess that name.

Think of how a user may formulate their internet query. As an example, if the URL “”pc-repair”” is available for a PC repair store then you should use it, even if your company is called “”PC Guru.”” Inserting a keyword inside the URL of a page is an action that helps with local SEO.

Google+ is the social network of Google and this means that it is viewed more favorably in the eyes of Google when compared to any other competing social network. Every Google+ post that you write is automatically indexed in Google. Therefore, Google + is the preferred network if your aim is to improve your local SEO.