Local SEO Tips Businesses Should Consider Implementing in 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 03, 2018

Many of the top searches on Google are for local services. Businesses are aware that their customers are everywhere. In order to accommodate them, businesses are using the location data to help attract customers. Having good SEO strategies is an important part of successfully engaging customers. Here is a look at some local SEO tips that businesses should implement this year.

Land on Google My Business

When people are searching for information on businesses, they would like to find the businesses’ address and location. Google My Business allows businesses to list their name, phone number, address, and hours of operation to Google Search. Once businesses are verified through Google, businesses can receive information on how people are locating them, as well as the places that the people are coming from. Businesses can use the information to create better SEO strategies. Businesses should try to keep all of their information current.

Use Images

Adding images to a listing will help businesses generate more traffic. Images help increase the traffic on the local Google business page, especially for people who have mobile devices. Customers will be able to open the business photos and easily swipe through the pictures.

Use Google Posts

Google Posts allows businesses to add updates and new information concerning their business to their Google My Business account. Google Posts allows businesses to communicate with their customers. Customers can post reviews of the business, and business leaders can post information about different events. The Google Posts won’t expire until the date of your event.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a code that businesses can add to their website HTML to make the page stand out more in the search results. Schema markup helps Google highlight different parts of a business page. Google also helps explain the purpose of the content, which can improve the click thru rates and the rankings.

Pay Attention To Citations

Google pays close attention to the authenticity of the business’ citations across the internet as a way to figure out the rankings on Google Maps. Citations include the business name, address, and phone number. Make sure that the citations published to match the listing data so that there will not be any inconsistencies that could damage the rankings that the business has in different search engines. Having solid citations will help businesses create a high level of consistency, which will help them achieve a higher ranking in the Google search engines. Yext and White Spark are popular places that businesses use for their citation distribution.

Use Local Link Building

Having a strong link profile is important. This will help businesses increase their search engine ranking.

Add A Virtual Tour

Adding a virtual tour can increase traffic on the Google business listing. Virtual reality has started to become popular, so adding a virtual tour can really be beneficial to businesses. Add some videos as well.

Link To Different Sub Pages

Add anchor text links to the About My Business description of the listing. The text links should emphasize certain subpages on the website. Also, try to create city specific landing pages on the website. City pages help businesses become more relevant while also adding some authority to each location.

Add A Blog

Businesses should consider creating a blog. Write about different information in the community and share it with your customers through different social media platforms. Every time that businesses add fresh content, they will rank higher in Google local. This will help businesses build location authority.