Local SEO Tips For 2017

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 28, 2017

“The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has increased in the recent past as many businesses, organizations, and individuals are using it to market their products. There are two main elements to improving your SEO; making your content relevant to the keyword that people are looking for and attracting links. It is vital to start by making your content relevant. You do this by including the words you want to position for major areas of the page. People within your locality will easily find you online when searching for a particular keyword if you target that particular area as you optimize your search.

Consider Mobile Users in Your Website Optimization

Leading search engines have recently included mobile optimization in their ranking procedures. The increasing number of mobile users has doubled that of the desktop search request. This is because users find it easier to browse using their cell phone search engines as it is handier than using desktop or laptop computers. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile users will give you great opportunities of ranking higher on the search engine listing.

Optimize Your Keywords to be Compatible for Voice Search

Voice search is gaining more popularity these days as users find it more interesting and convenient to utilize the application on their mobile gadgets. For instance, some people will use the voice search when they are busy and cannot find time to type what they are seeking into the search bar. Therefore, you should follow the trends of the users by optimizing your keywords to be more compatible with voice search application.

Optimize Your Maps Listing

Many key search engines can easily recognize legitimate businesses. Ensure that you claim your SEO listing to have your NAP information be identical to your site in the search engine. You should also add categories, hours, and any other information that is necessary. If you have two or more locations for your business, link each site to a page on your website. However, do not send two or more local listings on the same homepage.

Have the User in Mind

Ensure that you know what the user will likely type in the local search engine to find a particular keyword or information. For instance, if your business deals with various types of bags, the user should find traveling bags on the search engine since you will also focus on specific kinds.

Give Clients a Chance to Send Reviews

Most local sites require customers to submit reviews to you. You can let them do so by using email communication, invoices, or forums. The reviews will make your business more credible. Additionally, negative feedbacks from clients will help you know how you can improve your products and services.

Experts have estimated that businesses are entering a time where transactions are conducted strictly online. Thus, how you treat your customers and site visitors will determine your ranking. You should make them feel comfortable by making it easy to access your content and the offers on your website than they could elsewhere. This will not only make them visit again, but they will also help market your business by telling others about your products.”