Local SEO Tips for Dentists

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 17, 2015

As a dentist, you need to understand that most clients are searching online for the services you provide locally. One of the ways for your practice to be found online is to use search engine optimization (SEO). Here, prospective clients for your dental practice can access your services faster because you are more visible. However, for you to be found, you need to improve your local SEO strategy. Here are tips to this effect.

Provide Your Business Information

You need to provide information about your business in a place that your clients will get easily. You shouldn’t let your clients dig through the site to find, for example, your location. State your business name, the name of the locality, and your business category in the title of your home page as well as in your HTML text on the home page.

Why is this important to your dental practice? Well, doing this makes you relevant when a client searches for your services in that area. For instance, if a customer is looking for “Dentists in Las Vegas”, your practice name will most likely come up among the top searches. Coming up on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) establishes you as an authority in your niche, and in that area.

One of the components of successful business information is your business category. Make sure you understand how to use these categories to take your local SEO needs to the next level.

Get Your Dental Practice Listed on Google Places

One of the ways to get to the first page of Google is to use Google Places. Being relevant on Google Places requires you to set a proper strategy in place. So, how can you do this?
• Set up your listing on Google Places. This is easy; all you have to do is follow simple instructions, and you will be up and running.
• Add a complete profile. You need to build out your profile until its 100 percent complete. Add your website address to your profile because this represents a source for your inbound links. Next, make sure you upload as many pictures as you can that depict your business operations, right from a staff picture to several images illustrating your services. Finally, add a video if you have one.
• Don’t forget to include working hours in your profile.
• Optimize your website for SEO. Having an optimized website increases the chances of success when you use Google Places.
• Solicit for reviews. Allow your customers to share the satisfaction they get from your services by enabling them to leave reviews.
So, get out and open a page on Google Places today.

Optimize Your Dental Website for Local Keywords

Keywords represent what clients will key in to get you in a search engine. This is why keyword research represents one of the most important components of a successful SEO campaign.

You need to understand what clients are searching for and optimize your site to these keywords. Optimizing these keywords will drive valuable traffic to your site.
Come up with your keyword so that it depicts your locality as well as your business category. Use a combination of the city plus the keyword to take advantage of your local market. For instance, you can come up with a keyword such as “Denver family dentist”. Such a keyword identifies you as a practitioner that offers family dentistry services in Denver. Potential clients in Denver will get you when they need such services locally.

Create a Blog

Blogging for local SEO is vital for online visibility. Build a blog that offers advice or information about this practice. Make sure you post regularly to keep the blog vibrant and engaging. Allow your clients to leave reviews on your blog.

Local SEO allows you to target the local market. Follow these tips to be an authority in your city or neighborhood.