Local SEO: Tips for Law Firms

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 13, 2015

In today’s world, almost every lawyer devotes more time to marketing their services. While many are turning to television commercials to get the word out, some of the most marketing-savvy attorneys have chosen to focus their efforts on local search engine optimization. For those who have chosen to stay ahead of current trends within online marketing, the results have been outstanding. But in order to take full advantage of local SEO, there are many tips and tricks of the trade that should be followed.


Considered one of the best local SEO marketing techniques, attorneys can take advantage of many free online directories that can direct potential clients straight to their door. By signing up for 10-20 of the most popular business directories such as SuperPages and Yelp, search engines such as Google looks at a firm’s name and contact information and rank them higher according to each time the firm’s name is found. The more times the firm’s name is found, the higher the ranking they receive on the search engine.

Using Long Keywords

Rapidly becoming the most used local SEO technique implemented by lawyers, long tail keywords are making it easier for many lawyers to be found by clients. As basic keywords are becoming too difficult to rank by many search engines, many such as Google are looking at what are known as “niche terms” in order to make ranking businesses easier. For lawyers, this means using keyword phrases that use the state in which they are located, services provided or others that will help narrow the search and lead clients to contact them.


While keywords and directories can do their part to get your law firm noticed, reviews are what really takes you to the top of a search engine. By asking satisfied clients to leave reviews on Google and other search engines, you can quickly move ahead of your competition. Search engines are placing much more emphasis on reviews, so the more positive reviews you can receive from clients, the greater chance you have of being the first lawyer people contact.

SEO and Mobile Devices

As more people than ever do the majority of their online browsing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, local SEO techniques need to be adapted to take advantage of this trend. According to the latest studies, the average person spends over 15 hours each week doing research on their smartphone, with most of the research being local searches. This, combined with recent news that search engines are starting to cater more to mobile-friendly websites, makes this technique a must for any lawyer expecting to move up in search engine rankings.

Have a My Business Page

Considered vital to any business wanting to become more well-known on Google, the My Business page is what essentially makes your business relevant to Google. By having this page, you can do such things as update business information, create and change your profile, add photos and reviews, and many more things to make you stand out from everyone else. Free to all businesses, it’s easy to sign up for and has simple step-by-step instructions for those who may need some help.

Social Media

As with any business, social media plays a significant role in local SEO. Creating a Facebook and Twitter account is a must, and to make them useful they should be used frequently. By doing so, your firm’s name is then looked at by search engines as being more relevant within local SEO, giving you a greater presence and higher SEO ranking.

While this may sound like a long and complicated process, the truth is most of these techniques are very easy to implement. Most are free and take little time to create, and can result in substantial increases in business. So for those law firms that take local SEO seriously, the sky is the limit.