Local SEO Tips for Realtors

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 01, 2015

As most realtors know, using the internet for marketing has become more important than ever before to achieve success. In order to become as well-known as possible, realtors need to use a variety of techniques to maximize their SEO results. What more and more agents are realizing is that buyers take the first step to searching for a home by using a local search term. In fact, the National Association of Realtors conducted a study that found almost 70 percent of searches are started in this manner. As local SEO becomes a bigger key to an agent’s success, there are many tips they can use to get better results for their business.

Social Media and Local SEO
As with any business today, social media plays a vital role in becoming well-known and staying well-known to customers. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, putting valuable content on there that can be well-used by those visiting the site can lead to greater SEO success. Agents who utilize these forms of online communication best are those who regularly engage with visitors and take their sites seriously, regularly giving updates and other information about properties for sale and upcoming events.

Landing Page and Your Target Audience
One of the best things realtors can do to make local SEO work for them is to set up a location landing page and use local keywords to optimize the rest of their website. By creating a location landing page, the search engine being used knows where you want your local search efforts focused. These pages contain the pertinent information needed by those who may be wanting to do business with you, such as your phone number, address, driving directions and a map showing your physical location. This works well for agents that work in either a single office or for companies that have multiple locations in nearby areas, allowing them to link this information to their landing page as well.

Maximum Exposure Through Citations
Before the internet came along, real estate agents and other businesses relied on the Yellow Pages and other forms of advertising to get the word out about themselves. But while few people let their fingers do the walking through a phone book today, the Yellow Pages are still very relevant when it comes to having customers find you. By using online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp and others, real estate agents can get a maximum amount of exposure by getting listed on as many of these sites as possible. Referred to as citations, these directory listings provide large amounts of business to many agents.

Coupons and Other Special Offers
Some of the most aggressive real estate agents use local SEO to provide potential buyers and sellers with special offers and deals as incentives to get them even more interested. Examples can include free consultations for those thinking of selling their homes, advice on specific real estate matters such as financing and appraisals, and other topics of interest. These offers are usually located on an agent’s landing page, where they will hopefully capture a visitor’s attention.

Local SEO is also a great way to incorporate reviews from satisfied customers onto a landing page, which can lead to increased business. As most marketing studies have shown, people prefer to do business with an individual or company with which others have had positive experiences. Because many local searchers tend to skip traditional search methods, having reviews where they can immediately be seen has been shown to increase the business of many agents.

While search engine optimization is thought by many to be tedious and complex, if used correctly it can greatly increase traffic to your website and result in large increases in business. By making sure you rank as high as possible in local SEO, chances are you’ll miss out on fewer leads. For more information on this topic, visit http://realtybiznews.com/local-seo-tips-for-real-estate-agents.html.