Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 30, 2017

“Local SEO strategies aim at getting the business website to rank high on the search engines. Applying the best local SEO strategies helps a business dominate the local search engine results, drive more traffic to a website, and improve the conversion and sales volumes. Consider the following local tutorial and tips for effective local SEO marketing.

Understand the target group and their needs

Your products and services are meant for a specific set of consumers. Choose keywords and content that builds a local connection. Choosing the right keywords will help consumers locate you easily, and the right content will encourage users to read, share and comment. You can do a few blogs about local landmarks and businesses to boost your rankings. It will benefit your business when readers share the blogs on social media.

Sponsor local Meet-ups

By sponsoring local Meet-ups, your business will be featured by the press, and this promotes local SEO, thus helping you get some links to your website. You will have to put in more effort, but it will give you tons of indirect exposure.

Get reviews

Reviews, both positive and negative, boost the credibility of your business. The negative reviews will help you know areas of your business that need improvement. Managing reviews can help improve local SEO. Having more and quality reviews helps improve the purchase decisions of consumers. You can achieve this by making it easy for satisfied consumers to leave their feedback. Consider contacting customers directly and request them to review your business on social media, Trip Advisor and Google.

Keep the information on your website updated

Every time you make changes in your business, ensure you update your website. For instance, if you move to a new office or change telephone numbers, be sure to update the address on the website. This will ensure consistency across various sites that list business information. If the information is incorrect and inconsistent, then search engines will have a hard time understanding and trusting your business.

Get links from local sources

Getting links from local sources can help improve your search engine results because they are a key factor in ranking. Furthermore, the businesses linked to your website can help in making your business more noticeable by search engine algorithms. However, for this strategy to be effective, ensure you get links from websites with a good reputation. If you want to do better and stay ahead of your competitors, ensure you have more and better quality links.

Make your customers happy

When customers come to your website, browse through the pages to buy your goods and services, you have to ensure that they leave content and happy. You ought to give them an experience that exceeds their expectations. Doing so will help in retaining them, and they will help you in marketing your business by telling others about the nice experience you gave them. Great customer service also generates genuine independent reviews.

As a business owner you don’t have direct control over local listings, but implementing local SEO strategies can help you stay on top.”