Local SEO Tips, Tools and Techniques

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 29, 2017

Businesses that are unable to promote themselves effectively are rarely able to stay competitive for long. While local search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful advertising tool that may be used in order to attract and acquire new clientele, failing to utilize it properly may reduce its value or keep businesses from being able to enjoy the quality and level of results they seek. The following tips can all play an important role in ensuring that businesses are able to device a more effective marketing strategy, one that will be able to provide them with a superior return of investment.

Utilizing SEO as Part of a Larger Marketing Effort

Even the most effective SEO techniques are rarely able to drive a successful marketing campaign on their own. Other resources, such as conventional print-media marketing, pay-per-click advertising or online banner and video ads may all be required in order to enhance the effectiveness of an SEO effort. Businesses would also be wise to ensure that the quality of their SEO content does create problems. From social-media posts to hosting an online blog, investing in the best quality content and utilizing other advertising methods in order to enhance the value and effectiveness of an SEO campaign can make quite a difference.

Assess the Value and Effectiveness of Existing Marketing Efforts

Not every promotional technique may prove to be effective. Different situations may require a variety of different tools and business owners would do well to assess and examine the results of their efforts from time to time. Comparing changes to inbound site traffic, assessing where businesses may stand within search rankings and tracking the progress of marketing efforts over time can often produce a great deal of valuable insight. Knowing enough to fine-tune a marketing strategy or being able to identify which efforts are working and which strategies may be little more than a waste of effort and financial resources is never a concern that should be taken lightly.

Cultivate Positive Online Reviews

Customers and clients who pose positive reviews, feedback and testimonials may be of benefit to more than just SEO efforts. While amassing greater numbers of reviews can allow businesses to improve their standing within search returns, positive reviews are often invaluable when it comes to creating and maintaining the right brand or a more effective company image. Businesses that make an effort to interact with their clientele on forums and review sites may be able to benefit from improved customer relationships, a more visible and prominent online presence as well as the potential business opportunities that positive reviews may be able to generate.

Mobile-Site Optimization

While a conventional commercial website still forms the backbone of any SEO marketing or promotional effort, organizations that overlook the importance of mobile traffic could be making a substantial mistake. Tablets and smartphones are quickly changing the ways in which consumers choose to conduct business. The falling cost and growing sophistication of mobile devices has become something that no business can afford to take lightly. Local SEO marketing efforts and promotional techniques that specifically target mobile users have become an essential concern for those who are seeking to create a marketing strategy able to provide superior results.

Working Alongside the Right Professional

From online merchants to conventional retailers, choosing to work with an advertising firm or a marketing professional who possesses the right knowledge, experience and resources may be of the utmost importance. Marketing firms can differ drastically in terms of the solutions and assistance that they are able to provide for their clients. Choosing a marketing service that will be better suited to assist with the creation and implementation of a more effective local SEO promotional strategy is not something that businesses can afford to ignore.