Local SEO Trends That Will Emerge In 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 05, 2018

The World of Search Engine Optimization continues to develop at a rapid pace. Companies are constantly looking for ways to implement strategies that will help them generate more leads and attract more clients. Looking ahead to 2018, here are some SEO trends that should emerge in the new year.

Voice Search

More people are starting to use Google to perform voice searches. In some ways, people have started to use voice search more than they use computers. This increase in reliance on voice searching should continue into 2018. Companies will look to overhaul their SEO strategies with longer keywords and language that is more adaptable to the tone of the user.

More Personalized Content

The digital market revolves around content. Companies are aware of the importance of using a personalized approach, as that helps companies stand out more. Creating more personalized content helps companies increase the target audience’s engagement. Companies will look to create quality content that appeals to every customer. It is critical that companies develop techniques that will increase the engagement of other clients in addition to new ones.

Link Building

Companies are creating more high-quality links. They are only focusing on information that is relevant to their industry. This will help companies create long lasting links that will benefit them for years to come.

The Mobile Index

Google has announced the implementation of the mobile-first index. This should lead to an increase in marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn Will Reduce Their Traffic

Different social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have had success limiting clicks off of their platforms. LinkedIn has likely taken note of the growth and may plan to limit the visibility of the external links on their site.

The Rise Of The Facebook Audience

Facebook ads are increasing their market share. Facebook has used the data to improve the quality of their ads. With Facebook usage increasing throughout the World, Facebook will invest more resources into the Audience network.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has enhanced the way that people search for things, as well as the ranking system. Many companies are looking for ways to have their SEO strategies adapt to the changes in machine learning.

Quick Answers

Google has received great feedback from its quick answer feature. Google avoids going into the specific webpage based on the search. Instead, Google takes out information that provides users with a quick answer to their question. The quick answer feature can help companies receive the highest ranking for their website. To maximize the benefits of this feature, companies will seek to optimize their sites so that the quick answer feature will help users find off page and on page answers. The web pages should also be optimized so that they appeal to mobile users.

Brand Awareness

Brand strengthening is a trend to watch because companies that have a high listing will likely enjoy more customers purchasing their services. Companies are considering partnering with other organizations in their industry to help increase their brand awareness.