Local SEO Tutorial and Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 25, 2017

The right search engine optimization (SEO), no doubt, improves your ranking and visibility on the non-paid or organic web result page. This ranking is important in that, clients are more likely to view the top five searches on the result page. Through the use of keywords, SEO show results for image, video, academic, local, and industrial searches.

This search engine, however, is not limited to the use of computers. By 2015, Google had made it possible to use SEO on mobiles. Besides Google, other search engines that use this strategy include Yahoo and Bing. When using SEO, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider in order to maximize your traffic flow and eventually gain a broader client base.

1. Keyword optimization.

Keywords are a good start in making your web-page visible on the search result page. The way you place and use them determines the kind of traffic and response you will receive from your site visitors. Therefore, your key words should reflect on the content written in your page in order to meet the client’s needs. This is the base for a successful business.

2. Content.

The content you display on your web-page is a foundation for the kind of reception you will receive from the traffic on your web page. Having content that does not communicate to the client or complement the title can bring your business down. Ensure that what you are selling meets the client’s requirements. Furthermore, the content should be interesting and easy to read. Remember that not every individual speaks your language. For example, when writing an article in English, consider the visitors who speak English as their second language. Let your content appeal to the reader. This ensures that the client visits your site again and again if they ever need your services, thus increasing your traffic flow and eventually your ranking on the search engine.

3. Ensure that your website is responsive.

Consider your website’s approachability in regards to adjustments. Most people access the internet through their mobiles. Ensuring, therefore, that your site is accessible through the phone boosts the flow of traffic as compared to those web pages that do not adjust to the screen at the point of access.

4. Do not overdo the keywords.

A couple of years back, overdoing keywords was the best way to rise in the ranks. However, now known as over-optimization or link spamming, it has come under attack by search engines such as Google. When Google detects over optimization, it negatively changes your article’s title. This eventually affects your rankings.
Overusing your keywords, therefore, is useless if your aim is to increase your rankings. Besides the effects Google attacks will have on it, if your content is shallow, the poor response that it will receive from potential clients will have a graver effect.

As smart as the Internet is, it needs help, most especially in this digital era where everything from innovation to school work is done with the help of the Internet. With the right SEO strategies, you are bound to go a head of the competition and your small business will soon be in the major leagues.