Local Social Media Tactics

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 02, 2016

Many small business owners say that social media isn’t their “thing.” They think it is a waste of their time, and they just don’t know how to start or how to keep it going. And besides, they need to focus on actually running their business; not spending time posting pictures online. This is a wrong mentality. As the social media is changing the way people communicate, it is increasingly becoming a vital tool for small businesses. These social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are here permanently. While most of these social media platforms began as a way for friends and family to connect, it has become the norm for many types of businesses to have a social media presence. In this connected world, customers research their purchases online and request for recommendations from friends and family. Thus, it is vital for local businesses to have an interactive and vibrant social media presence. Here are a few ideas to expand your brand using social media.

Focus on quality, not quantity

You don’t have to keep posting every time on your social media channels. But, your messages should get out there regularly. However, as a rule of thumb on when and what to post, remember, quality beats quantity. Put it in mind that, when customers shop at small businesses, they need value. Thus, be radical and transparent. Don’t fear to have an online personality, and always give your clients something they will come back for more. Building relationships equates to building your business.

Concentrate on the local community

Experts have proved that marketing through social media can widen your reach and help you create more fans and engage more audience. However, social media marketing isn’t like the traditional marketing where you create a message to the world and hope that someone responds. Social media marketing is conversational and focuses on the idea of a community. It allows a small business to communicate directly with its customers, and it has the power to convert these customers into virtual salespersons. Conversations are a two-way thing. So, ensure you reply to the people interacting with you on the social media channels. Employ social influencers such as bloggers who write for your local clients to read, or people with robust followings. Interacting with the local online community is paramount in social media, and it is one of determinants for your success.


Since you have invested the time, invest some money too. Don’t fear to throw a little money on your social media efforts. If you can, invest some money in Google AdWords to help propel your site to higher search engine ranking results. For this, you will need a particular list of keywords that represent you and that are frequently found on your site. It is vital to have both in mind to get the value for your money. Also, amplify your social media message on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can create very specific and targeted ads on these channels with a few clicks of the mouse. So, know your audience, and then share offers, promote posts, gain more followers, and send more traffic to your site.

Use what worked

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If your efforts in social media bore fruits, repeat the steps you took and do it again; simple. But if something does not work, change your approach. Remember, if you used a Facebook ad that didn’t work, don’t abandon the idea of advertising on social media. Do it again, this time, redefine your audience or the money you invested in it.

Social media is a marketing tool just like the others that a small business owner can use. Its uniqueness is that it can broaden your reach, engage present and future customers, and heighten your company’s visibility. But it can only work if you do it.