Mobile Friendly for Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 29, 2016

Overlooking the potential benefits provided by a mobile-friendly website could be costing your business more than you might realize. Statistics show that as many as 18 percent of local mobile searches performed lead to a same-day sale. Maintaining a conventional website and utilizing sophisticated digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization may only produce limited results for those that overlook the growing importance of mobile devices within today’s competitive marketplace.

Implementing the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

As many as half of all consumers visit a store within a day of performing a local search on their smartphone. Websites that are not properly configured to handle mobile traffic have become a liability that no business can afford to overlook. Optimizing your site for mobile traffic ensures visitors can more easily find product and service information, learn more about special promotional opportunities and help to enhance the effectiveness of your entire digital marketing strategy. Outdated website designs could limit the effectiveness of even the most useful SEO practices and techniques.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Devices

Mobile website optimization provides a number of key benefits that may include:

Faster and more convenient downloads
Improved SEO performance
Enhanced customer satisfaction
New advertising oppotunities

An attractive well-designed mobile site can speak volumes about your business and brand identity. Failing to provide prospective clients and customers with a professional and easy to navigate mobile site could lead to lost sales and decreased revenue. Mobile websites that capture the attention of visitors can help your business to stand out from the competition and ensure that your online marketing efforts are able to enjoy a greater degree of success.

Attract and Acquire Greater Numbers of Local Customers

The growing popularity and sophistication of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is changing the way we do business. Mobile website optimization ensures that existing and prospective customers alike are able to enjoy an unprecedented level of communication and connectivity. Poorly designed websites that may be hard to navigate with a mobile device, sites that fail to offer the full range of features and options and layouts that simply look unattractive when views from a smartphone or tablet could complicate your efforts to attract new clientele and build the larger and more robust customer base your business needs to stay competitive.

Mobile Site Optimization can Improve Customer Reviews

As many as 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as word of mouth recommendations. Providing mobile visitors with a more convenient and enjoyable browsing experience is fast becoming an essential concern in terms of ensuring customer satisfaction. Outdated layouts and websites that are hard to access or impossible to navigate with a mobile device can frustrate visitors, increasing the likelihood and frequency of negative reviews. A well crafted mobile site can ensure that your business is able to make a positive first impression.

Professional Services Make Going Mobile Easy

Search engine standings are critical when it comes to establishing brand recognition, attracting new customers and creating new business opportunities. Mobile site optimization can lead to the higher rankings needed to ensure greater traffic and increased revenue. Ensuring that your website is configured for mobile browsing, local SEO and review site listings are all critical concerns when it comes to effectiveness and success of your digital marketing efforts.